Was This Woman Wrong for a Comment She Made to Her Neighbor? Here’s What People Said.

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Check out this story and see if you think this woman stepped over the line with a comment she made to her neighbor.

AITA for my comment to my neighbor when she told me she met her husband at a club?

“I’ve moved to a new place and have only seen my neighbor twice and the second time she told me her husband lived in another country and that they had met at a club.

I told her that was pretty neat, and that my husband and I also met at a club – at first we thought it would just be something casual but over time we fell in love. When I told her this, she was shocked and said “how dare you imply that my husband and I had s** right away and that he wasn’t serious about me at first? You don’t support women if you are calling me a s**t who has s** with strangers they just met!”

I have felt awful about it since and have been going over it in my head and wondering about it. Although I didn’t say she and her husband started out casual, it feels like the implication did overstep boundaries. How much of an a**hole was I for this?”

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One individual said she’s NTA and that her neighbor was projecting.

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Another individual said she’s NTA and she was just trying to make conversation.

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