Watch an Art Dealer Take 200 Years of Grimy Varnish Off a Painting in Seconds

©Twitter, philipmould

Restoring art is a tricky business, and a difficult one. The process of cleaning the gunk that builds up on paintings, sometimes over hundreds of years, can be painstaking and time-consuming.

Varnish is used to help preserve and protect paintings, but it turns yellow or even brown if it’s left on for very long periods of time – like centuries. This obviously makes a once-beautiful work of art less than stellar.

Art dealer and host of Fake or Fortune? Philip Mould recently turned the preservation game on its head with a new process that literally takes seconds. The painting he is working on is from 1618 and has roughly 200 years of varnish built up on it.

Photo Credit: Twitter, philipmould

Mould hasn’t divulged his secrets, but there’s no doubt that, whatever it is, it works wonders. Check out the video Mould posted on Twitter here. It’ll seriously blow your mind!

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