Watch This Peaceful River Turn Into a Crazy Mess of Ice Chunks

©US Department of Defense

Let’s all be thankful for cameras positioned in remote places to capture amazing images that we would not usually see. You know, like those nature trail camera traps that show lions, tigers, and bears frolicking through the forest. But sometimes they catch even more exotic imagery like…rivers.

Rivers may be commonplace, but crazy things can happen on them. In upstate New York, a camera captured an incredible ice jam on the beautiful Ausable River.

The National Weather Service tweeted out a time-lapse video of a section of the river transforming from tranquil to chaotic, and the images are pretty remarkable.

Ice jams occur when rivers that are covered with ice get additional water from rain or melting snow, rise quickly, and the ice breaks into big chunks.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

In this instance, the Ausable River rose by 10 feet – but, thankfully, the ice jam subsided and did not cause any serious damage. Nature is awesome!

h/t: The Verge