Watch Squirrels Try to Make It Through This Epic Backyard Ninja Obstacle Course

If you’ve got a yard, chances are you’ve got squirrels. And there’s also a good chance these squirrels are your nemesis, particularly if you have bird feeders set up.

Squirrels not only munch on food you put out for birds, but they also rip bark off your trees and taunt your pets.

One man decided to take matters into his own hands by building an intense squirrel ninja obstacle course.

That man is Mark Rober, a former NASA and Apple engineer who now spends his time making YouTube videos.

You can watch a video of this crazy creative obstacle course below:

This is one of the most intense backyard projects we have ever seen. And we’re so grateful Rober went down this rabbit hole for us. This is the kind of quality internet content we need right now.

We especially like that Rober has named all the squirrels and identified their personality traits.

The part he calls the “tourist trap” is just beyond genius.


But training squirrels to be master thieves means… well, they’re going to be master thieves.

Check out what they did to the seed tray!


In any event, you have to imagine that Roper’s video is perfect for getting kids interested in complex scientific and mathematical concepts. Roper is funny and he also explains these tricky ideas in a super easy-to-understand manner.

Do you have squirrels in your yard? What are your go-to tricks for stopping them in their tracks?

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