Watching Stanley Tucci Make a Negroni Is Oddly Soothing

Photo Credit: Instagram

And just like that, drinking alcohol is back in vogue. Everyone from Oprah to Ina are uploading videos of themselves making and drinking cocktails and we don’t mind if we do.

Even Stanley Tucci is on the “it’s 5 0’clock somewhere” train, with a video of his own in where he makes a classic negroni and it’s probably the most soul-balming few minutes you’ll see today.


At the beginning, we hear Felicity Blunt (Emily’s sister) ask Tucci what he’s going to make her. “A negroni,” he says and then asks if she minds if he finds his wine first.

Not at all, darling. Go get your wine.

So, Tucci likes his negronis shaken. “Use your hands because it’s the most hygienic way of getting ice into the shaker.” Snort.

Photo Credit: Instagram

He gives the shaker a double shot of gin. Vodka’s okay too. However, Tucci’s double shot has not been certified by his state’s Department of Weights and Measures.

He advises a “good” sweet vermouth, along with the shot of Campari. Then he gets to shaking. And all is strangely right with the world, pandemic notwithstanding.

For the cocktail, Tucci likes to use a classic coupe, although a martini glass will do in a pinch. Note to self: replace jelly jars with coupes.

Finally, Felicity’s negroni is prepared. He lovingly strains it into her coupe and cracks jokes about oranges and not sharing the drink.

Photo Credit: Instagram

You’ve got to see his whole video because it’s adorable.

But we’re not the only ones who absolutely loved Tucci’s tutorial.

Women swooned.


And it wasn’t just the ladies. Ahem…

Even Captain America is man-crushing this guy!


There’s something about a smooth, suave man mixing a drink and talking to you like you’re the only one in the room. Toes curled.

Ummm… so where’s my shaker again?