20 People Share Their Favorite Websites No One Knows About

Photo Credit: Pxhere

Are you tired of looking up exes and pantry recipes yet? Sick of social media? You’ve come to the right place.

Recently, someone posed a well-timed question on AskReddit:

What is the coolest website you’ve visited that no one knows about?

The Reddit community was quick to answer with all kinds of very cool websites they’ve stumbled upon and are happy to share.

Here are some of the best!

1. It’s a philosophy lesson and a game all in one.


It’s an interactive website that showcases what makes the Prisoner’s Dilemma cool.

2. A website that allows you to find hidden YouTube videos?!?


Search for unlisted YouTube videos.

3. Looking for your next burner email account?

Temp Mail

This website instantly gives you a new, unused e-mail.

4. See the crazy, random connections wealthy people have.


Not sure if it’s still maintained but Little Sis was “an involuntary Facebook for the elite.”

You click a politician, donor, celeb and it shows you who are they connected to and the strength of the connection. You can get an easy picture of what donors, think tanks, and politicians are really beholden to.

5. A cornucopia of cool websites.

ms paint emulator

kungfu chess

free sandbox


You’re welcome. 😉

6. Games, games, games!

Playemulator.com has almost every game from NES era to NDS era.

Most of the pokemon games, the good sonic games, several N64 classics and countless hidden gems.

7. Classic games, classic games, classic games!


This website has over 6000+ Old DOS/Windows and Console games preserved for future generations.

The website is free to use and the games can be played directly through the browser.

I personally used the site to relive Warcraft 2 and had a blast.

8. K-Pop straight from the source.

radiooooo.com and radio.garden.

With radiooooo, you can listen to music from all over the world and from any time since the 1900s, and with radio.garden you can tune in any radio from any place live :).

9. Teach yourself regex.

As a programmer regex101.com is incredible.

Regex is one of those things that look like sorcery when you don’t understand it.

Great learning and explanation tool.

10. Windows from days of yore.


It offers such fun things, and most of them are miscellaneous. the trollbox is a chatbox with randoms, I’m there almost every second, or every day.

It has that nineties aesthetic to it that makes me wish I could have been around then to experience the technologies of that time.

I hope you enjoy this site~

11. Find New Music You’ll Actually Like.


A cool website that I’m surprised not as many people know about. Useful for finding artists similar to the ones you enjoy. Artist names are arranged 2 dimensionally where down is “more organic” and right is more “bouncy and spikey”.

12. This Fluid Simulation.

This one as well


(It has shading, bloom and sunrays disabled on mobile by default, I recommend turning those on or using PC if you want to get stuck on this website for a good amount of time)

13. Read newspapers for free.


You can read any newspapers online like NYT, WSJ, the Australian, Harvard Business Review… for free with this!

14. Best for Internet Relay Chat.

Oh, I love bash.org…the ping one is my all-time favorite too. 😀

15. Confession Time.


‘Post Secret’ – Lots of people in the US know about it but I feel like outside of the US, it’s lesser-known. People send in their secrets on postcards creatively decorated. Every Sunday there are new and repeated secrets. It’s fascinating and I check it weekly. Also, they provide suicide hotline phone numbers for people who are thinking of harming themself.

16. Spelling Help.


I definitely needed that!

17. Good for the Geography Obsessed.

The True Size

Where you get to see the true size of countries and get to drag and compare and rotate them.

18. Explore the Underwater Realm


You scroll the depth of the ocean!! Super interesting and kinda spooky. Includes some animals too.

19. For Stargazers.


For anyone interested in astronomy, it’s really fun.

20. Music From the Best Year of Your Life.

If you love music from specific years this site is amazing. You can choose a year and it gives you songs from that year.

I love music from 2010 so I just select 2010 and it gives me the songs of my childhood.


Check one out or take on all of them. Why not? You’ve got plenty of time on your hands.

Have any to add to the list? Do us a favor and list them in the comments.