10 Websites Where You’ll Find Free E-Books

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Times are tough right now with record unemployment rates. However, broke bookworms need not despair. The internet doesn’t only have a wealth of resources for job hunting and career development, it also has free books–and lots of them.

Here are 10 of the best places to go to serve your insatiable need to read.

1. Google Play

Find the free books section of the Google ebook store to download titles across multiple genres. Discover new books and revisit the classics.

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2. Project Gutenberg

On Project Gutenberg, you’ll find more than 60,000 free epub and Kindle ebooks to download.

Many classics are listed so pick something interesting and spend an afternoon down a rabbit hole.

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3. Open Library

The Open Library is a project of Internet Archives and has more than a million free books available.

Search by title, author or subject.

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4. Internet Archive

Clear your calendar for a few days as you browse this treasure trove of out-of-print books among other things.

Great for historical research.

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5. BookBoon

You’ll love this huge selection of business books and textbooks on BookBoon. All free and ready to download without the hassle of registration.

Go forth and learn!

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6. ManyBooks

Search the vast library at ManyBooks and download both great classics and contemporary works.

All your favorite genres are here as well as many non-fiction selections.

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7. Free-eBooks

So many genres here to explore. Ratings and reviews for each book are also available.

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8. LibriVox

On LibriVox, you can download free books and free audio books. Thousands of classics and out-of-print books are here for the (free) download.

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9. PDFBooksWorld

All the books are in high-quality PDF format available for download and all for free. Carry the classics in your pocket with the help of this website.

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10. Feedbooks

A huge selection of public domain books are found here. Create an account and start downloading them for free.

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All the books you’ll find in this list are free and legal for you to use for business or pleasure. You could catch up on your classic literature, brush up on your business etiquette or discover a new author without spending a dime.

When you have to stay where you are, books can take you where you really want to go.