Wedding Photographer Has Perfect Response to Bride Wanting to Cancel After Seeing Her Black Lives Matter Post

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Twitter heaped support on a photographer who snapped back at a bride demanding a refund of her deposit when she saw the photographer’s Black Lives Matter social media post.

The bride had sent a message to Shakira Rochelle, the photographer she’d contracted for her upcoming wedding. In it, she claimed Rochelle must be “unstable” if she felt like lending her support to the movement and that it would be too “embarrassing” for her to have Rochelle at the wedding. After insisting “all lives matter,” she demanded the return of her deposit.

Here is her Instagram post on her take on Black Lives Matter.


“Shakira Rochelle Photography stands in solidarity with the black community. The black lives matter movement has my endless support,” she wrote.

Twitter user Q first posted Rochelle’s DMs with the bride on Twitter where it went viral.

The first DM is from the bride expressing her disappointment that her wedding photographer decided to stand up for the Black community.

The bride and her fiance simply “can’t bring themselves” to work with a photographer who would do such a thing and questions Rochelle’s mental health.

Rochelle responds with her standard operating procedure which says no refunds for cancellations.

She also thanks the bride for the lovely donation of her deposit to Black Lives Matter.

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The bride wrote back, “You will be hearing from our attorney.” For what that’s worth.

Q captioned the viral tweet with, “I love it here.” The tweet so far has been retweeted nearly 200,000 times and has more than one million likes. Q even tweeted Rochelle’s contact information in case anyone would like to book her for their events.

As for the attorney threat…

And as this guy pointed out, so what if the bride is one of those “all lives matter” people and her photographer is choosing to support a hugely marginalized community? Rochelle is a professional service-provider with a human brain that allows her all the free will to think whatever she wants. It has nothing to do with this bridezilla’s wedding.

But the icing on the wedding cake is the gratitude for the donation!

Another excellent point about deposits.

But the outpouring of support for this small-business owner was incredible.

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