“Weird History” Twitter Account Will Make You Wonder Why You Ever Thought History Was Boring

Image Credit: Twitter

As someone who fell in love with, and studied, history in college, I can promise you one thing is true: the fact that so many people “hate” history class when they’re young has nothing to do with the subject, and everything to do with the instructors/curriculums.

There are plenty of fascinating, funny, relatable, AND important moments that litter the history of humanity – we just don’t do a good enough job teaching them.

Enter @weird_hist on Twitter, which is my new favorite thing. Here are 17 of their amazing and true facts.

17. If someone wanted to die for the cause, Stalin did not discriminate.

Same if the they didn’t want to die for the cause, actually.

16. An actual “fun fact” about Andrew Jackson.

Most facts about ol’ AJ are downright horrifying.

15. I’m going to guess that Roman is not true to size.

Though that was probably accurate as far as the Visigoth’s nightmares, though.

14. Canadians gotta Canadian, y’all.

War or no war.

13. Why is this photo so awful?

I clicked away so fast.

12. Has anyone ever set a horror novel here?

Because I mean…yikes.

11. There’s an inappropriate joke in there somewhere.

Where is Michael Scott when you need him?

10. I’ll take unsurprising facts for $500, Alex.

It’s still funny, though. Except for the horses.

9. When the Duke wants your dog…

But seriously poor Lassie.

8. Modern pigeons get so much hate.

They’re not useful, though, except at cleaning up parks.

7. Back in the day when the other side was human beings.

What if everyone just refused to kill each other on behalf of the maniacs in charge?

6. As one does.

Gals make time to get stuff done, of course.

5. I would definitely do what that thing wanted.

It has a definite “parent stare” about it.

4. Seems like overkill.

People were either really mad or really bored. Maybe both.

3. That’s quite a reign.

That alien architecture really holds up.

2. A dude definitely came up with this.

I’m rolling my eyes so freaking hard.

1. He fared better than Napoleon, then.

Which I suppose didn’t end up being that impressive.

I haven’t hit “follow” so fast in a long, long time.

Which of these facts did you love the most? And don’t say “all,” even though I know it’s probably true!