What Always Makes You Cry? Here’s What People Said.

Do you consider yourself a cryer?

It’s totally okay if you are!

And if you seem like a real tough character, chances are good that certain things still make you break down and weep.

AskReddit users talked about what always makes them cry. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Brutal.

“The scene in Saving Private Ryan when the medic gets shot and d**s on the field with the rest of his group desperately trying to save him.”

2. Pets are family.

“One of my cats stopped eating on Friday, and Saturday we took her to emergency after we got the bloodwork from our regular vet.

Some sort of super aggressive bone cancer, and making the decision to euthanize her is the hardest thing I’ve done so far.”

3. Gone too soon.

“My daughter’s best friend d**d in a car crash a couple of years back.

She was 18.

She’d been coming to our house since she was 4 or 5.

She’d become a part of our family. Even when her and my daughter would have the silly arguments kids have when they become teens and a bit more independent, she’d still make herself at home the next time she was round.

She had a smile that lit up the room.

When I think about the night she died, I cry.

When I think back to the heartbroken faces of 8 teenagers that appeared at our house an hour after it happened, I cry.

When I think about how her family must feel, I cry.

When I think about how her death has impacted my daughter’s life, I cry.

When I think about how her life could’ve turned out, I cry.

Even writing this, tears run down my face.”

4. In recovery.

“I’m a member of a 12 Step program and in meetings we give out chips or keychains for different amounts of clean/sober time.

After giving out multiple years, one year, six months ……. etc etc, the meeting chair will ask if there’s anyone new or “coming back” (relapsed and is returning to the program) who wants to take a 24 hour chip.

When anyone gets up and takes their 24h chip, the room INVARIABLY gives them the loudest applause and cheers and welcomes them back.

The whole room knows how much courage it takes to come back and how scary it can be to get up and walk to the front of the room for that chip. It’s such a beautiful thing to see and it makes me cry every time.”

5. What I missed…

“It’s my kids.

When they were little, my mom had a brain aneurysm, my dad spiraled into a deep depression and they lost their home and business. At the same time, my mother in law has a stroke and my in laws’ finances collapsed and they were on the verge of losing their home too.

So I worked crazy hard to be everyone’s rock. I worked multiple jobs to help out my family. When I wasn’t working, I was taking care of them emotionally and physically. I so drained that i didn’t have much left to give to my kids.

I missed soccer games and school plays and trick or treating and first words and countless other things. Thankfully, my wife was there for them. So they got to experience all the good things in childhood….I just wasn’t there for it. Even when I was physically present, I was exhausted and cranky.

Now they are teenagers and don’t want to be around me. I just want to hold their hands, tell them that I love them and do something fun with them — anything at all, I just want to be with them. But my chance to hold them, teach them new things and experience the amazing joys of childhood with them are long gone. It tears me up inside….I’m bawling on the couch right now typing this.

Yes, all the work paid off. Amazingly, both my mom and mother in law are alive (with physical impairments). My parents lost their house and business but they’re in place that works for them. And my in laws went through bankruptcy but were able to keep their house. I’m glad it worked out. But god….it hurts thinking about what I missed.”

6. RIP.

“I miss Robin Williams.

Remembering that he’s not around anymore always makes my eyes sting a little bit.”

7. Addiction.

“Whenever my addict Daughter gets arrested (4 times in the last two weeks).

Whenever a look at a picture of her. Whenever I remember a memory of her when she was little and she was still my angel. Whenever I try to think of something I could do to help her and realize that I’ve already done everything a parent can do, and it hasn’t helped .

I cry when it gets cold out, and wonder if she is stuck out the night somewhere, cold and lonely. I cry when I look at her 8 year old daughter, that My wife and I are raising. I cry a lot lately.”

8. A sad song.

“Hearing ‘The Living Years’, by Mike and the Mechanics.

My dad is still alive and I hug him whenever I can.

But man, this song hits me in the feels.”

9. A beautiful letter.

“My late partner passed away from leukemia at 38 years old. He hid a letter for me in our room incase he didn’t make it. It’s the most beautiful and eloquent thing I’ve ever read.

He talks about regretting not being able to see my hair turn Grey, or seeing me accomplish my dreams. He gives me permission to fall in love again, be messy, and move forward. The level of support is so encouraging.

It’s also a heartbreaking read and I’ve only read it 3 times. I will read it again on the 2 year date of his passing at the end of this month.”

10. Horrible.

“One particular patient I had working in a trauma center. 19 year old girl I’d never seen before, and didn’t know at all.

She was ejected from a vehicle and then crushed because her boyfriend was trying to show off. I was training new staff, and they were at the end of their training so I was only in the room to provide supervision and step in if necessary and I spent the entire trauma holding her hand (on her request) and trying to comfort her and keep her mind off of the injuries to both of her legs.

Her last words were spoken directly to me: “this really hurts. Can I go to sleep?”

I cried for days after. I’ve never had a patient’s death hit me as hard before or after.”

11. Sad.

“I live with my autistic son and when he is with me and not with his mother I have literally no time or energy to think.

When I am alone every future for him plays in my mind and I can’t think of a happy ending. Some day he will lose me and his mom and will be alone in a place for people with special needs.

And I read tons of articles and others how this all is for autistic people like him. It breaks my heart every time to think about him as an elderly person who has a broken heart but can’t communicate it straight.

I hope I will be live long enough to outlive him, I am just 20 years older.”

12. Legends.

“When the musicians in Titanic start playing Nearer to My God Thee after saying goodbyes and then joining together till the end.

What a group of legends.”

13. Sorry for your loss.

“My dad passed very traumatically from a house fire.

He kept running back in the house to make sure everyone else was getting out okay, and he was struck and burned by debris. He spent 5 days unconscious in the ICU before his heart failed.

He had a small youtube channel where he would mostly record engines he was working on, and when I miss him a lot, I go to those videos and cry every time.”

14. Great movie.

“The ending monologue of movie The Shawshank Redemption.

“I find I’m so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it’s the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border.

I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.””

15. Terrible.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis.

Was supposed to be the song my sister and her fiancee danced to at her wedding. Instead it was played walking into the church, at his funeral, after he took his own life.

My poor sister was so strong that day, but that song still gets us both.”

16. If I knew him now…

“Thinking about how poorly I treated my dad when he was still alive. He was always trying to find things in common with me to connect with me.

When I found out he liked something I also liked, I just changed my mind and found it uncool. I looked down on the tv shows he liked and didn’t realize until later that he had an awesome taste for quality campy television like The Adventures of Brisco County Junior and other classics from that era of ’90s syndicated television.

If I knew him now he’d be my best friend. I did try to connect with him in the last few years of his life but he had dementia by then and couldn’t follow things I knew he would have found interesting before.

His last words to me were “It hurts” while I held his hand during catheterization on his last trip to the hospital. I was too embarrassed from seeing his pe**s to offer any true comfort.”

17. Always so hard.

“Thinking about my dog’s last day.

She was 17 years old and her organs were shutting down. Before we took her to get put down she was in the backyard eating her food. She walked slowly to us while wagging her tail and we took her in.”

When we got home to bury her I looked over at her dog bowl and there was still a bit of food in it. K**ls me every time I think of it.”

18. The kitten.

“Thinking of that abandoned little kitten I found. I called him Mortimer.

Tried to keep him alive. Bottle feeding him. Keeping him warm, skin to skin. Staying awake through most of the night. Calling in sick day after day to stay with kitty. Emergency vet scheduling with them saying he probably won’t make it.

Kitty didn’t make it. It’s when my oldest cat slowly stalked up to the cat, nudging her nose against Mortimer’s head. Mortimer didn’t move. Didn’t react. I put him in a shoebox with his blanket… So he would not be cold.

Buried him and left a little pebble for a tombstone.

That was twenty years ago.

I’m sorry, Mortimer. I couldn’t save you.”

19. A sad one.

“The end of Homeward Bound.

Especially when Shadow says “Peter! You’re ok!”

Like, they went through all of that and almost d**d multiple times and Shadow was just glad to know Peter was ok.

Gets me every time.”

20. Dealing with grief.

“My wedding song.

My husband d**d in an accident a little over 3 years ago only 5 months after we got married.

All I need to hear is the 1st note of the song and the grief hits hard.”

21. Nostalgia.

“Strategically placed albums from my youth.

If I am half drunk and someone begins to play the album “Four Cornered Night” by Jets to Brazil, I will become uncharacteristically nostalgic, and then openly sob at the idea of how good I was at being 18 years old, vs how shi**y I am at being 38 years old.

Getting old is weird.”

22. Oh man…

“Watching “Fox and the Hound”.

I was watching the part where she releases Todd with my 5 year old daughter.

She asked why. Me explaining. Her in tears saying she’ll take him and she’ll take care of him.

Now I cry. Every. D**n. Time.”

23. A happy ending.

“The ending of The Pursuit of Happiness when he finally gets the job.

The struggles leading up to that point makes me tear up all the time when they finally give him the position.”

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