What Animal Would Be the Scariest if It Was the Size of a Whale? Here’s What People Said.

I shudder to even think about how terrifying the world would be if certain animals were the size of whales…

Spiders?!?! Eek!

Mosquitos? I’m outta here!

And don’t even get me started on snakes…

Let’s see what AskReddit users think about this creepy topic.

1. Don’t mess with it.


Already very strong and incredibly smart, just imagine if you p**sed it off…”

2. Ugh!

“Ants would be pretty scary.

Their faces…keep them microscopic.”

3. Even more terrifying.

“Giant centipede.

They’re terrifying enough at centipede size…”

4. Attack from above.


Any river will be d**dly and later they just k**l you from the air.”

5. That would be an issue.

“Whale sized birds of prey would be an issue.

They’d swoop down and k**l people.”

6. Zoomies!


The zoomies would be apocalyptic.”

7. Run for it!

“Komodo dragon – Three words: “RUN! IT’S GODZILLA!”

Also, alligator snapping turtle: “RUN! IT’S GAMERA!””

8. Vampires.


F**k those buzzing, biting, blood drinking vampires.”

9. Adept hunters.

“To be absolutely honest… I would personally be terrified seeing a chicken the size of a whale.

Those ba**ards are quite adept hunters and I don’t want to end up chased and eaten like a mouse.”

10. All of ’em.

“Bed bugs



Army ants


Dust mites.”

11. OMG.

“A slime mould cell.

It’s basically an amoeba, so not that scary. One whale sized blob of cytoplasm that can’t do very much.

BUT … every now and then, it’ll join forces with hundreds of thousands of its siblings. They gloop together to form one massive superorganism that’s now no longer the size of a whale; it’s the size of Mount Everest.

It then sets off looking for food and digesting everything in its path. It squelches over our farms and cities, digesting them all. The armed forces try to blow it up, but every time they do, it just divides and carries on as before, eating everything and getting bigger. It is unstoppable.

Oh and it’s smart. Capable of navigation, learning and memory, despite not having a brain or any sensory organs as we know them.

It then decides to stop. It produces an armada of spores that disperse on the wind and waters to cover the globe. They return to being a single, whale sized blob.

Until its myriad brethren over the world decide to coalesce again. Because it’s lunch time.”

12. War machines.

“Any insect, sheer war machines.

Especially because they have so many freaky details that are too small to see.

All those hairs, and the eyes… yikes.”

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