What Are You Always Willing to Pay More For? Here’s What People Said.

It doesn’t cost much more to go First Class.

Have you ever heard that saying before?

There are some things that you just gotta dish out a little extra cash for…mine happens to be hot sauce…is that weird?

What will you always pay extra for?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Gotta do it.

“Motorcycle helmets.

You don’t need the most expensive helmet, but you should pay what it takes to get something with a decent certification (SNELL*, ECE, FIM) and not just DOT.

Some technologies like MIPS are also well worth the extra spend.”

2. Sleep tight.

“A good mattress.

I agree my dad always said “look after your mattress and your footwear because you spend most of your life in both”.”

3. You betcha!

“Winter tires or tires in general.

Tires are so underrated. They will make an older normal car feel like it’s newer and safer to drive and handle on the road.

It wont make it feel nicer inside, but going around a corner, stopping quickly, and taking off from a stop on sh**ty roads will be so much better.”

4. On the job.

“Work boots.

I’m always willing to pay a bit extra to get better-quality footwear that’s comfortable and has a good, grippy sole.”

5. If you travel a lot.

“TSA Pre-check.

Skip the long TSA lines.

$85 and good for 5 years.”

6. Stay warm out there.

“A really good quality winter coat or jacket.

To me, it’s definitely worth the investment if you live in a country that gets cold winters. Here in Ireland it doesn’t snow much in winter due to us being a small island, but we get very cold winters and very wet ones, so you get really cold rain.

Paying extra for a really good quality, warm and waterproof coat makes SUCH a difference if you’re out and about a lot like I am. It pays for itself because it can last you years.

I’m due a new one this year, got five years out of my last one and it’s still good, but I’ve lost a significant amount of weight this past year and it’s much too big for me now.”

7. Moving is THE WORST.


Having them put your furniture in a truck, drive it to your location and put it in your new place.

It’s great not having a sore back when it’s stressful enough to move.”

8. Get busy in the kitchen.

“Good pots and pans. Like real heavy duty stuff.

I’ve got some pretty decent stainless steel, but by far my favorites are always my le creuset stuff, I only have 4 pieces and I always found them on sale.

I just make jambalaya in my Dutch oven last night. She was tasty.”

9. They’ll last a lifetime.


If you are earning a living with them, you want something totally reliable and is not going to break and work properly every time. They say a cheap man pays twice as much in the long run.

I bought up a set of Ryobi power tools for work and for DIY at home they are pretty good. But, when I was onsite and found the batteries take 3 hours to charge. I don’t have that kind of time.

Also the hammer drill didn’t always hammer. I’m a Milwaukee boy now and I am completely satisfied.”

10. Oh yeah!

“Headphones. Never going back to anything cheap.

My sister was blown away when she tried out my setup by how nice the sound was. My headphones, although perfectly fits my needs, aren’t actually too great compared to many others that could be bought.

My sister has been using the earbuds that came with her phone for a long time and she never knew what she was missing out on.”

11. I would hope so…

“Tattoos from an artist that knows what they’re doing.

I have a friend who wanted to get ladybug tats in a few places on her body. She went to a friend of a friend who gave her a discount.

Now all her ladybug tats look like cancerous growths.”

12. You better believe it.

“As a lady with rather generously sized b**bs I’m accustomed, and happy, to pay through the nose for a really good bra.

The difference it can make to my day is worth every penny.”

13. Goes down smooth.

“Whiskey. Or any alcohol really.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still drink a PBR and a shot of Jameson all day.

But a good craft / import and a couple fingers of Red Breast is way better.”

What things will you always pay extra for?

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