It’s interesting to see how trends and attitudes evolve among people over the years.

Sometimes, things that seemed reprehensible a decade ago are now accepted and sometimes even celebrated.

And sometimes things that really are BAD become so normalized that no one really thinks they’re bad anymore.

We live in a weird world…

Folks on AskReddit talked about bad things that have become so commonplace that they’re not considered bad anymore.

Prepare to get bummed out…

1. Pretty dumb.

“Journalists using the word “slam” instead of the word “criticize”.

It does not leave alot of room for discourse, and makes the article sound like it was written by a 5th grader.”

2. Creepy.

“Child Beauty pageants.

Why do people care so much about how attractive a 10 year old looks?

That’s super creepy in my book.”

3. Not true.

“How much material classified as recyclable is, in truth, not recyclable. It’s more a marketing win that kept people using plastics.

Why else would China stop taking the world’s trash? They could do nothing with it but bury it in the ground.”

4. It’s a mess.

“Tying your health insurance to your work (USA).

If you become too sick to work (example: terminal cancer) you lose your job and your health care coverage. Dental not being included in health care.

How is the health of your mouth and teeth separate from the health of the rest of your body and necessitate totally different (and pricey) insurance?”

5. Why is this normal?

“Harvesting as much data as possible.

You have to go to some extreme lengths to prevent your personal information being sent to random strangers you have never met.”

6. It’s all entertainment.

“Fast news instead of accurate news.

And the fact news has evolved to just another form of reality entertainment.”

7. Pretty weird.

“Putting your children’s lives, including their faces and real names and evidence of their schools, lifestyles, friends, and common play locations, on social media.”

8. Tons of it.

“Spam email.

We ignore it, it’s just there.

But it shouldn’t be.”

9. Trashy.

“Taking pictures of strangers who aren’t doing anything wrong or untoward just to post up on social media with some snark or judgment.”

10. Unhealthy.

“Working yourself till you are burned out. Like if you are not giving it 100% all the time you are lazy.

And when you finally crash and burn due to lack of sleep and exhaustion from working constantly, you are not hard enough.”

11. Harmful.

“Single-use plastic. It is the stupidest thing humans can do. You need Spaghetti so you buy them wrapped in plastic ??

A material that, if not burned, will disintegrate into ever smaller particles that will creep their way back into the bodies of all living things on earth.

Is that really worth it for a little bit of convenience ?”

12. The worst.

“Talking on speakerphone while in a public place.

F**k you.

13. So gross.

“Using your children to become an ‘influencer’. I have an Instagram page where I share play ideas as an educator but my kids’ faces are never in the photos. I don’t mention their names either.

So many parents with similar accounts are posting daily numerous photos and videos of their kids to thousands of followers and getting them involved in live feeds and stories.

We have got a generation of kids, who in 10-15 years time will have their entire childhood documented online and it will all have been done without their consent.”

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