What City Is Extremely Overrated? Here’s What People Had to Say.

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So check out what AskReddit users had to say about which ones they think are overrated.

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1. Sounds lame.


And I’m not a city designer, but I don’t think you call it a ‘downtown’ when there’s a 12-lane highway cutting through a bunch of skyscraper walls and that’s it.”

2. Not all it’s cracked up to be.


Used to Live in South Beach. Crazy s**t happened all the time.

I loved living close to the beach and miss Lincoln Rd and Ocean Dr, but living there was horrific.”

3. Tourist trap.

“Dublin is a complete tourist trap.

I am Irish and I see people coming to Ireland expecting the full Irish experience in Dublin, when really all the good s**t is outside the capital spread out all across the country. They head up to Temple Bar for the Irish pub experience and pay 3-4 times more for drinks than anywhere else in the country.

The city itself is a product of British occupation, same style of city you will find up and down England with Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture along with generic modern design.

Look, there are historic places and nice places to eat but nothing out of the ordinary. If you want to see the real Ireland go to the countryside, the unique landscapes of the Ring of kerry, the Clare Burren and Cliffs of Moher, the Connemara and Donegal mountainous areas along with tons of historical locations all across the country. If you want an irish city experience go to Galway instead.”

4. Music City.


Born and raised. Downtown used to actually function as a part of the city but now it’s this horrible deadzone that anyone from here avoids like the plague. I don’t even like going to Predators games anymore for dealing with the idiocy downtown.

And the housing market here is absolutely unreal, especially given that half the new builds are just bought up by investment groups and turned into Airbnbs.”

5. Stop right there.


Stop moving here!

It’s hotter than the Devil’s Taint and already overcrowded.”

6. Beautiful, but…

“Southern California is naturally beautiful but LA is the ugliest city I have ever seen.

It’s so dirty, soooo many people, and the traffic is a nightmare.”

7. Repulsed by it.

“Pigeon Forge / Sevierville Tennessee.

Nothing but hotels, overly priced cheap china made nicknacks, and people from a far northern state that moved down here pretending to be an Appalachian mountain person.

As a real Appalachian mountain person I find the entire city nothing more than a repulsive tourist trap.”

8. Not a good experience.

“Portland seemed super cool in Portlandia, but when I was there half the city seemed like it was just utterly dying and gross or unsafe.”

9. Bummer.


Used to be awesome, now it’s just an amalgamation of LA and Dallas.


10. Count me out.


God I h**ed living there.

Sprawl, fake and cagey people, rising cost of living, traffic, seemingly zero urban planning, cliquey social groups.

Good food and lots of young people but count me out.”

11. Too bad.

“Aspen Colorado. Lived there for 4 years.

Bedroom community of Southern California. Overpriced and phony as heck. The people who visit there all think they are “all that.” The summer institutes are all intellectual phonys all acting like they are not only the most creative thinkers on the planet but all the COOLEST, make me wanna puke.

The restaurants are great there – no question. The summer weather is also supremely awesome – a secret between us skiers for years. In the winter it’s filled with people d**ng to be “looked at” for their overpriced ski ensembles (locals wear jeans sprayed with waterproofing). We appreciate their money but honestly, don’t like the turkeys at all.”

12. Mile High City.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Colorado, but the city itself bloooooowwwwws.

The public transit sucks and rideshares are soooo expensive. This makes getting around in the sprawl nearly impossible.

Very little diversity. Mostly just white people and Mexican people. (Great Mexican food, though.)

People must only live there to be a bit closer to the nature outside of the city.”

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