What Comes to Mind When You Think of Canada? Here’s What People Had to Say.

O Canada!

What a country, am I right?

I’ve actually only been to Windsor, Ontario, for a night to go to a casino and drink beer when I was 18-years-old, but I do have a lot of affection for our neighbors to the north.

My grandmother was from Nova Scotia, they are warm and friendly folks, and they gave us the greatest sport in the world…

No, not curling! HOCKEY!

Thank you, Canada!

What comes to mind when you think of Canada?

AskReddit users spoke up.

1. Funny folks.


SCTV, Kids in the Hall, Corner Gas, Trailer Park Boys, Schitt’s Creek, Letterkenny.

Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, John Candy.”

2. Happens all the time.

“A moose drinking maple syrup saying “Sorry, eh?” with a beautiful landscape in the background.”

3. Look it up.

“Banff National Park.

As an Albertan who lives really close to it, it’s absolutely breathtaking. I have some recommendations for you! You should stay at the rim rock, it’s on the side of a mountain and is like a 5 min drive from town.

The view is spectacular! Also, go on the gondola and check out Cow’s Creamery for AMAZING ice cream!”

4. Yes!


Crazy hockey players beating each other up is pretty much Canada’s sports scene.”

5. Good coffee.

“My Canadian co-worker absolutely loathed the stereotype that all Canadians love Tim Horton’s.

But he would also give co-workers large wads of cash to buy him as many bags of coffee as they could carry any time they traveled near a Tim Horton’s.”

6. Sorry about that.

“Canadians really do apologize a lot.

I was visiting Vancouver right before COVID and a Canadian apologized to me for the weather being colder than usual.”

7. Tough guy.

“Georges St-Pierre.

My friends cousin is an airport customs officer, one day he told my friend (huge MMA fan) that he checked through a guy who wrote MMA fighter as occupation on his customs card, didn’t know anything about him personally but remembered the name to tell my friend.

The officer asked him “MMA fighter, huh? You any good?” And George just replied “I’m alright”.”

8. Booyah.

“Legal weed.

And somehow society hasn’t broken down.

Also, now young people don’t have to go to a sketchy drug dealer who also offers them worse s**t/puts them in dangerous situations.”

9. Sounds great.

“Beer, fishing, and four-wheeling.

My dad owns a cabin in Ontario, and I absolutely love that place.

No signal for phones, out in the wilderness, and with family/friends.”

10. Just like Texas.

“How they have their own Texas.

Spent some time in Alberta and between the oil, cattle, and good country music it felt like home.”

11. Good music.

“Rush. Cowboy Junkies.

Triumph. Neil Young. The Tragically Hip.”

12. What else do you need?

“Friendly people, combo of cultures Anglo and French and more, poutine, lots of winter snow, Tim Hortons, hockey.”

13. Interesting.

“I’m an American but I lived in Calgary, Canada in the early-2010s.

Before arriving in Canada, my first thoughts were maple syrup, mooses, mounties, and log cabins.

But now the first things that come to mind when I think of Canada are big country, large rabbits, lots of snow, friendly people, hockey.

Tim Horton’s, Swiss Chalet, Saga (band), Rush, Max Webster, Three Days Grace, YTV, Teletoon, learning about the war of 1812 and the Pierre Trudeau years in history class, “Chinook”, “Kraft dinner” and Molsons beer.”

14. Good stuff.

“The flag.

Huge stretches of forest.



Maple syrup.”

What comes to mind when you think of Canada?

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