What Depressing Truth Did You Have to Accept? Here’s What People Said.

One of the hardest things about life is that there are things you just have to accept.

And a lot of those things are depressing.

AskReddit users weighed in on the depressing truths they’ve accepted.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Ouch.

“Sometimes you’re the annoying person everyone h**es.

This one was hit me heavy in my life. Went through a divorce and realized that the only person who didn’t find me annoying was my daughter.

I’ve made changes and life is good now but it was a humbling few years.”

2. Yes.

“That good doesn’t always win.

Having right on your side doesn’t mean you’ll have the support you need.”

3. Sorry for your loss.

“That I will never get a chance to have any of my parent’s amazing cooking or have another simple conversation with them ever again…”

4. It ain’t easy.

“Work. And that even if you give it all up and lived off the grid to exit the rat race, it’s still a f**k load of work just to stay alive every day.

Being human is taxing.”

5. Being alive is expensive.

“I was at the grocery store tonight to grab a few things, watching the prices of things go up by dollars instead of cents over the past 2 years is seriously f**king with my grip on life as a whole.

I can’t afford s**t and will continue to afford less and less s**t, probably until the day I d**.”

6. No motivation.

“That I’m unmotivated to do anything.

I don’t have personal desires and/or dreams. I’m only living for the sake of others, I feel it would be selfish to just “go.””

7. We wish you luck.

“That my cancer is incurable and aggressive, and that I’m probably not even going to live to see my kids grow up and start their adult lives.

It destroys me.”

8. Keep your head up.

“I’ve never had a family and barely had a home when I was young and will never have either.

Just fighting super hard to not drown and be thrown out into the streets until a medical or financial accident happens then it’s lights out.”

9. Sad, but true.

“You can’t save someone from themselves.

It doesn’t work.”

10. Friends of proximity.

“All my friends were friends of proximity.

When we are together, we spend a lot of time doing things, and will have regular catchups.

As soon as we lost contact for a time, they made no attempt to get in touch with me, and my contact details have been the same for decades.”

11. Hard times.

“My mental illness does not have a point where it gets “better” and I don’t have to suffer or struggle.

There are moments when life is worth living, but they are fleeting.”

12. It’s never easy.

“Emotions are expensive.

Life doesn’t give you enough budget for them. Lost a family member? Can’t mourn. Got traumatized? Can’t deal with it. Ended a relationship? Can’t think about it. Got angry at something? Can’t vent. Got depression repressed?

Can’t let it all out. Want entertainment? Go to sleep once you are done with responsibilities.”

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