What Die-Hard Gamers Might Look Like in 20 Years

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As someone who spends hours a day hunched in front of a computer screen, this information is relevant – and a bit worrisome. I may not game, but I can’t see how my lifestyle is going to fare much better, just because what we’re looking at on our screens is different.

This model, created by researchers at onlinecasino.ca, shows what hardcore gamers could look like in 2o years. The research is based on a WHO-recognized disorder called gaming disorder, or gaming addiction, and includes facts and information from the NHS, National Geographic, and the WHO.

Image Credit: onlinecasino.ca

According to the WHO, gaming disorder happens when someone is “unable to control their gaming, when gaming is given priority over other interests and daily activities, and when gaming continues despite negative consequences.”

Some experts, it should be noted, are skeptical that it’s a real psychological disorder, and argue instead that the sufferers should instead be diagnosed with anxiety or depression.

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#WorldHealthOrganization officially recognises #gamingdisorder' as an #illness Studies suggest that gaming disorder affects only a small proportion of people who engage in digital- or video-gaming activities

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This model represents an extreme situation, where a person does little besides game for decades on end, and who is unable or unwilling to follow the advice on how to mitigate potential health risks.

From top to bottom, this dude is not faring well.

There’s an indentation in his skill due to pressure from the extended use of headphones, bald patches from the lack of Vitamin D, dark circles under bloodshot eyes from staring at a screen, and hairy ears due to a lack of air circulation.

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Then, we move down and see poor posture and rounded shoulders caused by a lack of movement, obesity, pale skin, and stress-induced eczema.

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Further own we see hand-related injuries caused by strain and repetitive movement, and more negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, like swollen ankles and varicose veins, both due to restricted blood flow.

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To mitigate these very real risks, onlinecasino.ca and doctors everywhere recommend that anyone who spends hours a day in front of a screen  be mindful of their posture and makes sure to get up and stretch often. They also urge people to give their eyes a break from the screen for 20-minute stretches, be mindful of their diet, and to drink plenty of water.

This advice goes for people who type all day, too, not just game.

I’m going to do better in taking it after seeing this poor dude, I think!