What Disease Would You Create That Only Mildly Inconvenienced People? Here’s What Folks Said.

It’s time for all of us to get a little bit evil

Yes, I said just a little bit!

Because the question posed to AskReddit users concerns what disease they’d create to only mildly inconvenience people.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Annoying!

“Your ears constantly fall off and you have to press them back on.

Like when you have ear phones that don’t fit properly.”

2. One or the other.

“One-sided nasal congestion.

If it clears up the other side would then get congested.”

3. Useless.

“They grow a second pinky toe.

It’s completely useless but it makes your foot wider so you have to buy new shoes.

And you have a higher chance of hitting your toe on the side of a cabinet.”

4. Dear God…

“A new STD that causes purple spots to appear on your skin, starting from your anus and spreading out.

Advanced cases have completely purple skin.”

5. Yuck!

“A disease where the person constantly has the sensation that there is a single hair in their mouth at all times.”

6. Drive you nuts.

“Paroxistical hearing inversion.

A disease that periodically makes you think that sounds coming from the left are actually coming from the right, and vice versa.”

7. Gonna get ugly.

“Wet Butt …. they have stinky, moist buttcheeks.

They feel the wetness everytime they move and there is a smell.

Kind of like a damp movie theater in the summer.”

8. Ouch.

“Every time you realize that more than 4 people are looking at you directly you will fart loudly.

This will have a cool down period of 5 minutes.”

9. Over and over again.

“A disease where their right eyelid twitches for a solid few seconds.

Once it subsides and they forgot about how it annoying it was it starts again.

Rinse and repeat.”

10. Gross.

“A disease that makes everything taste like old milk.

Except old milk will vary in taste like random jelly bellies.”

11. Maddening.

“Moving back itch syndrome.

You think you got the itch scratched but its always moving just outside your scratch area.”

12. Not pleasant.

“A disease where you end up on the absolute cusp of or**sm for about 30 minutes every 6 to 8 hours.

NOTHING makes it go away except for an ice cold bath.

It lasts about 4 to 5 days.”

What disease would you come up with?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks a lot!