What Do Men Want But Can’t Admit? Here’s What People Said.

I’m sure you probably already know this, but there’s no denying that men face a certain amount of stigma about being overly emotional…or emotional at all, in some cases.

It’s just the way the world works for a lot of guys out there.

But I think people out there still want to know what men really want deep down.

People on AskReddit talked about what they think men want but aren’t willing to admit to.

Let’s take a look.

1. How are ya?

“For someone to sit me down and actually ask how I’m doing.

I can’t tell you how badly I need to just talk to anyone about anything, but I was taught from a young age to bottle that stuff up and move on.”

2. No hustling.

“The word “hustle” makes me angry.

Every now and then I just want a weekend with the house to myself to play video games and watch movies all day with no responsibilities.

Easier said than done as a homeowner with a wife and baby.

There’s always something that needs to be done.”

3. Nice and easy.

“Literally just want a wife, couple kids, a house and a dog.

People I’ve told that just laugh and think its weird like “you don’t want to sleep around and have a million one night stands?”.


4. Good idea.

“We want to be taken on a date sometimes.

I feel like often times its on us to ask you to go on a date, make the plans, pick you up etc etc. Even after you are married it seems to be on us.

I told this to the wife so sometimes she does take me on a date. Its great!”

5. Total silence.

“Sometimes I just enjoy being quite and not say anything.

Nothing’s wrong, I just want to relax and not do anything.”



Many aspects of a man’s life is taken as canon fodder or just a joke.
He has mental problems? “Get over it”
He does not want to be touched or groped? “Must be a p**sy”

He has a field of work that deals with children? “Must be a p**ophile”
He works in the medical field and is not the Doctor? “Bet your parents are embarrassed”

He raises his kids on his own as a single father? “He doesn’t know how to parent”.”

7. Good stuff.

“To be held. To lay our head on your lap as we watch TV together and you run your fingers through our hair. To do immature date ideas, because we didn’t have many GFs in our youth.

For women just to be blunt with us (we aren’t mind readers. Just ask). Hugs (it doesn’t have to be s** all the time, we like hugs). Silence sometimes, as in comfortable silence.”

8. Needing a break.

“I just want a break, man.

It’s weird when you get a partner who understands this. My younger brother d**d, 3 years later my dad d**d, then my closest friend d**d. This s**t broke me eventually. Like just straight up broke me.

My fiancé has been amazing and helped me through this but the guilt of even admitting I’m tired or depressed is almost as bad as those feelings themselves.”

9. All you need.

“Love. I don’t mean relationship love.

I mean genuine human love. I don’t need money or a 5 course meal, no, just love from a human.”

10. Hold me.

“I just want to be held.


Be the little spoon.”

11. Let it all out.

“To talk about their feelings that they’ve bottled up for nearly 10 years so that they’re not a burden to anyone.”

12. You do you.

“Might be me, but being dominated.

Having a power greater than me in control and all I can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.”

13. Time for a talk.

“I want my wife to acknowledge all the sacrifice I make, the positivity I bring to our children’s lives, and my right to be my own person.”

14. You gotta say no sometimes.

“I need a break. S**t doesn’t stop. I work 2 jobs at 45 and still everyone asks me to help fix all their s**t all the time.

Significant others feel burned out at work? They take 6 months off to unwind. I am burned out at work? They leave me instead of taking the brunt of the bills.

So I am resigned to d** on the job and work on everyone’s s**t that even remotely knows me.”

15. We all need this.

“Alone time…

Without the guilt of hurting someone’s feelings.”

16. LOVE.

“Love, from a wife or girlfriend.

I love when she just does random stuff to me like play with my hair or put her head on top of mine, makes me feel like I mean something.”

17. They need it.

“We need someone to encourage us and make us feel important.

My wife told me yesterday that she was proud of me and I gave her the biggest, hardest because I really needed to hear that!”

18. Don’t use it against them.

“When we open up, we dont want you to throw that stuff back at us during an argument.

S**t hurts and theres a reason we did not open up in the first place.”

19. Hold me.

“I just want to be held like a child sometimes.

I’m a pretty big guy and I don’t really show too much emotion (how I was raised) but sometimes I just wanna be little spoon and cry without being judged for it. I want people to know I’m depressed and not make fun of me for it.

Sometimes the only way I can imagine life is just “cold” I might have friends etc. but nobody that I can truly talk to. And it sucks. I’m not just some h**ny breadwinner. I’m a human, I want to be loved, and cared for, as me, not the facade I put around myself.”

20. Someone who cares.

“Besides the typical food/water/shelter stuff, companionship/someone to talk to/someone who cares and some sort of purpose.

I also generally have a hard time accepting help because I don’t want to be a burden, but I always want to offer help because I see that as why I am here, to help others.

But I guess I need to view accepting help as also helping, because everyone needs the opportunity to help others, so sometimes in order to help I need to play the role of receiving help.”

21. There you go.

“To be the little spoon.

I believe that can be easily achieved by simply asking her to be the jetpack.

That way, I’m not asking to be the little spoon, I am Rocketman.”

22. Listen to me.

“To be heard.

There are moments where I just want to talk…about how the world feels so small, how insecure I feel about myself and my future, how I want to spend a day with a few friends and not think of my s**tty car, how I feel useless, to talk about how I bottle everything in my throat and “get it out” with a silent scream.

I have talked about this with a few people, but the constant feeling of failing and not truly speak about it is horrible. My haunting thoughts that one day I will be 60 and my dreams will be long gone without being fulfilled.”

23. That would be nice.

“We want to be considered s**y.

Not just handsome, but s**y.

We get accused of being horndogs all the time, but mostly we want to be desired.”

24. Here for it!

“I didn’t know I wanted it but once I delved into skin care, I am 100% on board. I’m a 48 young straight dude, going through a divorce and I was feeling worn out and old.

A woman friend gave me a bunch of skin care samples and extras from her subscription boxes and I immediately realized it felt great to care for myself and my appearance, for a few minutes, each day.

I’m now eating better, working out, sleeping well (that took some doing but I got it, now) and am just taking better care of myself, in general. And it all started with some great serums and moisturizers.”

25. That’s it.

“A hug. Just a hug.

Men have been trained to not admit that they crave affection, love, etc.”

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

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