What do People Totally Waste Their Money On? These 15 People Sound Off.


It’s pretty weird to learn about what other people spend their money on. Of course, some folks have more cash than others, so buying gold-plated toilet paper rolls might not sound as crazy from one person to the next.

But still, people seem to have pretty strong opinions about this subject.

AskReddit users weighed in on this interesting topic.

1. That’s…strange.

“My former boss spent over $1000 on her Candy Crush addiction.”

2. Maybe not worth it…?

“Timeshares. They are almost never worth it, plus you’re stuck in a property that’s really hard to get out of. You also have to share the costs of property management with other owners, so it’s never really “yours,” you just have to cooperate among yourselves on who can have it when.

I work in a hotel and while where I work is not timeshares (I wouldn’t work in a place that was), I see this industry upclose and I don’t like it. It is so much easier just to rent a hotel room or a vacation rental, AirBnB, etc. Once you leave it’s no longer yours, you’re not stuck with it afterwards, and if you want to comeback you can, if not you don’t have to. If you didn’t like where you stayed you can simply pick something else next time.”

3. Only the best for my baby.

“Name brand baby clothes such as Nike shoes.

I’ve seen it a good bit. I just don’t understand why paying almost 50$ on a pair a shoes for an infant that can’t walk and will grow out of in about a month.”

4. Very pricey.

“Cable TV!

Here in Canada its $60-90 per month! And loaded with commercials.”

5. A lot of this going around.

“Going to Disney when you don’t have enough money for house/car/food.”

6. It adds up big time.

“The delivery fees, added tips and taxes in food deliveries.

I never do online food deliveries but tried it the other night. I ordered two dishes which totaled $24.00. My grand total came to $42.00. I declined going ahead with it. What a complete ripoff. I know people who use these services at least five days a week who are always complaining about their credit card bills being so high.

Might want to sit down and figure out why.”

7. Is your dog a celebrity?

“A wealthy lady’s French Poodle had a jewel-studded collar with real diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

The French poodle’s name, “Mignon,” was inscribed in Sterling Silver and affixed to the collar.

I would’ve been concerned to take the dog for a walk for fear someone would’ve stolen it for the incredible value of the collar.”

8. Dying is expensive.

“The amount of money that people have to pay for a funeral is insane.

Embalming, a casket, flowers, etc. the funeral industry is a racket. Cremation is the way to go. Even better, in most states it’s legal to just have your family shroud and bury you. It turns your body into compost.

That makes more sense to me than spending $10,000 just to be buried anyway.”

9. Are you a millionaire?

“Go out to lunch every day at work.

Occasionally I get it, but every day is expensive.”

10. The worn out look.

“My cousin spent $500 on some golden goose shoes that legit look like you took a pair of converse sneakers and left them outside for a month and then slapped a shit load of sequins on them.

$500 for a pair of shoes that are designed to look “worn out.”

Complete waste.”

11. You don’t need all that stuff.

“Excessive amounts of clothes or just stuff in general.

Buying way more then you need or are going to use.”

12. That’s insane.

“My coworker has one of those weekly meal ingredient delivery services.

He told me the price and it breaks down to $30 per meal, and he gets like 5 meals a week.

He didn’t believe me when I said my weekly food budget is $30.”

13. It’s gonna get beat up anyway.

“Louis Vuitton luggage… See it get mangled on luggage conveyors along $3 taped luggage essentially performing exact same function.”

14. A lot of money for one day.

“Extravagant weddings.

I just cant relate to spending tens of thousands of dollars on a party on any level.”

15. I think a lot of people have this one.


Those are some pretty interesting responses, huh?

What do you think people spend money on that really blows your mind?

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