What Do You Do on Fridays to Kick off Your Weekend? Here’s What People Said.

If you have a regular Monday-Friday job, is there anything more exciting than Friday night?

You get home, strip off your work clothes, and then you do WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT.

It’s amazing!

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they like to do to kick off their weekends on Fridays.

Set yourself up.

“In the IT world we have “Read Only Fridays”.

If you don’t change anything on Friday then you won’t need to fix it on Saturday.

For me, I end the day by emailing myself a list of all the things I’m in the middle of or need to get done next. Then I can clear my mind and know I can hit the ground running on Monday again.”

Let’s eat!

“I have what I call “Friday Night Feasts.”

I basically find some recipe online that looks good, buy the stuff, and make it. Maybe vacuum or sweep while it’s cooking, while also getting nice and toked up.

Tonight’s Beef Bourguignon.”

Treat yourself.

“The second the school bell rings I put my headphones in and start up whatever good song I can think of/will fit the vibes.

Then I meet up with my brother and we get Slushies and walk home from school together.”

Pizza Friday!

“My wife and I get a pizza from one of our favorite places and split a bottle of wine on the deck.

It’s not much but we always get excited for it and each have our own “Pizza Friday” song and dance we do as we’re getting ready in the morning.”

Family time.

“After dinner I like to have a couple of drinks, usually a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of whiskey sours, and watch a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie or a Rifftrax movie with my wife and kid.

If we watch the movie early enough she’ll keep watching TV and me and my son will move over to the computers next to the couch and play some video games until it’s time for bed.

Me and my son have mid-range gaming PCs set up in the living room near each other and we play a lot of games together online.”

It’s your day.

“I get an early morning workout in (makes me feel like I’ve earned a few beers and weekend food), try to wrap up work by like noon, enjoy a nice lunch and crack a beer by 3.

Throw on some music and get outside.”

You do you.

“For the past 3 years I’ve taken LSD on a Friday as soon as I’ve finished work. It’s helped me overcome depression, anxiety and an eating disorder.

I mostly trip at home, so I have a comfortable and controlled environment. I personally don’t recommend it to anyone not capable of dealing with the personal introspection an acid trip can bring (amongst other things), but it has helped me understand a lot about myself and helped me grow.”


“Every Friday morning, I meet with a group of people at Montrose Harbor in Chicago to jump into Lake Michigan.

We do this every week we can for the whole year! About to leave for that now!

Perfect way to get energized for the weekend!”

Forget about work.

“Not doing or thinking of anything work-related. I know that it is common for some people, but it really is effective since it keeps me from being burned out.

Also, I list some of the things that I really want to do or places that I want to go.”

Good one!

“I give Friday serious effort for the weekend to actually feel substantial. For e.g., i do groceries, laundry, a family outing etc on Friday. So that anything we do on Sat and Sun feels like bonus and optional.

Wind up Friday with a movie or a show to calm the personal self. Then wake up early morning to wash the car and then prepare a nice breakfast for family and take wife off the kitchen for a sec.

Later spend Sat like a lazy bum unless we have an appointment. Take up early Sunday to plan for the next week and spend rest of the day on nice food and kids time.”

Find some new music.

“The latest music is released every Friday. I look forward to this every Friday.

I listen to all the new gems through the Release Radar playlist on Spotify.

Friday night I put on somewhat more soothing music and while enjoying some chips, the weekend starts off perfectly every time.”

How do you like to get the weekend started?

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