What Do You Refuse to Spend Money On? People Shared Their Thoughts.

You know what, I can’t think of anything I absolutely refuse to spend money on…except on obvious things like drugs or something…

But there are a lot of people out there who are adamant about not spending money on particular brands or businesses.

Let’s see what people had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. No more

“Cable TV.

Dropped cable TV three years ago. I wired the house first with coax cable and CAT6A ethernet and I bought all the tools to do it.

I then bought an antenna, a Tivo DVR and FireSticks.

I spent $1000 but I’m saving $2500 per year.”

2. Crazy.

“Designer furniture

Saw a Calvin Klein rug at a store for $4,000

Store was only in business for 8 months.”

3. Wow.

“Susan G Komen what a scam.

My aunt asked them for help and they told her that her cancer wasn’t cancery enough to actually help her.

F**k Komen.”

4. Think about the environment.

“Those big bottles of water.

I use a filter and run tap water through it.

Tastes great, a lot less plastic in the world and I am saving a bunch of money.”

5. Might get into trouble…

“Lottery tickets/gambling in general.

Too slippery of a slope.”

6. Throw me a bone.

“Food at the restaurant I work at.

I give you my time and energy the least you can do is let me have a few scraps.”

7. No way.

“MLM schemes.

Whether you’re a “good friend” of mine or not, I will not support you in this predatory business arrangement.”

8. Don’t get it.

“I’ll never understand the craze for brands.

Spending a lot of money on that “designer” brand of clothing that looks as generic as streetwear or that latest mobile phone that will be “stale” the next year when the new version comes out, all so you could show off.

Some people don’t show them off but most people I’ve seen buy these things just to flaunt them and look rich.


9. I’ll make it on my own.

“Food that I can easily make at home.

Buttermilk pancakes, eggs and bacon, plain mac n cheese, spaghetti, most sandwiches, etc. Eating out is expensive and if I’m gonna do it I’d rather get something that’s more complicated or annoying to make like lasagna or dumplings.

Now, there is the exception of if it’s a simple dish that’s been made into something more complicated. I’ll totally eat a plate of lobster mac or a ruben because those dishes are more complicated and are worth more in my opinion.”

10. Good advice.

“Getting my own cash from an ATM.

Don’t pay for access to your own money, people!

I bank with a credit union and any other credit union will not charge me fees, so I seek those out if I need cash.”

11. Are you into me?

“Escort service, strippers, phone se**, basically anything that involves someone pretending to be interested in me.

I can’t suspend my disbelief long enough to make any of that worth paying for.”

12. Are they worth it?

“UV filters for camera lenses

Digital cameras have UV blocking filters on the sensor and the lens is far more scratch resistant than the filter.

The filter also causes massive flaring.”

What will you not spend money on?

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