What Do You Think Is the Best Psychological Thriller Movie? Here’s What People Said.

I love a good psychological thriller!

What’s not to love?

Intrigue, mystery, action, they usually have them all!

So get ready to add these recommendations from AskReddit users to your watchlist!

A classic.

“No Country For Old Men

I felt like I was being relentlessly hunted the entire movie.

Could not relax.

Amazing when a movie can make you feel that way.”

Go in without knowing anything.

“I watched the Denis Villenueve movie Prisoners with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal the other night and good lord it was such a good watch.

I highly recommend it and don’t look anything up about it first either.”


“Shutter Island.

I love it when a certain scene gives all previous scenes an other meaning. I recently watched it with someone but half way I realized it can be a tough and intense film to watch for people.

That being said if anybody is thinking about watching it just do it and don’t look anything up beforehand.”


“Here’s one that no one ever talks about: Coherence.

It’s a low-budget film, but it blew my mind more than nearly any other movie.”

Modern classic.

“Get Out is really incredible.

It builds such a fu**ing uneasy vibe the whole time. Chris’s isolation is so palpable and when the second shoe drops it just feels so awful.

I really love it.”

Great one.

“I watched Hereditary for the first time a couple of months ago and it has stayed with me.

Really intense and artfully done.

Seriously f**ked up.”

Creepy stuff.

“Whatever Happened To Baby Jane (1962) with Bette Davis & Joan Crawford.

Their real life rivalry played on screen. I just watched it again this past weekend. Being shot in B&W adds on to the creepiness.

I wonder if they would consider doing a remake of this (they did with Psycho).”

I like this one.

“Session 9.

I haven’t watched it in a while.

But I remember it being good with a mix of good B movie traits mixed in.”

A wild one.

“There Will Be Blood with Daniel Day Lewis.

It’s such a slow burning movie and the climax is at the very end of the movie but it’s so good.”

The ’90s!

“The 1990s had some terrific movies and was in my opinion, one of the best decades for thrillers.

Not much CGI was used – but a lot of good story writing and acting. Denzel Washington is one of my favorites and so here are some of my faves:

Pelican Brief

Conspiracy Theory

Murder at 1600

Man on Fire (early 2000s)

Enemy of the State.”

Weird stuff.

“A good one is Funny Games.

I saw the original version (1997) and I have never felt so uncomfortable with a movie.”

Watch the original.

“The Vanishing (the original French/Dutch version from 1988, not the American remake or the lighthouse-themed movie they apparently made a few years ago that has nothing to do with the other two).

Stanley Kubrick said it’s the scariest movie he’d ever seen. It is deeply unsettling and gnawed at the edges of my brain for weeks after I had watched it.”

Add these to the list.

“In no particular order:

• The Silence of the Lambs

• Hereditary

• The Butterfly Effect

• Inception

• Fight Club

• The Sixth Sense

• Memento

• Shutter Island

• Black Swan

• Donnie Darko

• The Game (1997)

• Se7en

• Midsommar

• Triangle

• Run Lola Run

• Mother!

• Changeling

• Old

• Oldboy

• 13 (2010)

• Last night in soho

• The Thing

• Don’t worry darling.”

What do you think is the best psychological thriller movie?

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