What Do You Think Screams Late 1990s/Early 2000s? Here’s What People Said.

In case you’re too young to remember, the late 1990s and the early 2000s were a pretty glorious time.

Good music, good TV and movies, and the world seemed to be a more peaceful place.

And today we’re gonna take a trip down Memory Lane and relive some of those great times.

Let’s take a look!

1. Oh, yes!

“Looking up Mapquest directions before going some where, then printing them out.

Sometimes I’d print multiple copies on a bigger trip or one that spanned several days where the directions home might be lost.”

2. I remember.

“Magazines with demo discs attached.

Pretty sure I had more demo discs than full games.”

3. Watch those minutes.

“Nights and weekends minutes. It was free after 9:00 PM.

It cost like 10 cents to text and the only time minutes were free was if you were with the same carrier.

None of my friends had Sprint so I couldn’t even count on using the same network for free minutes during the day.”

4. Good stuff.

“I absolutely loved Geocities.

Making websites about the things you enjoyed. Seeing other people’s websites. You didn’t have to stick with a pre-made layout, you could go nuts.

Want that dancing gif on there? Sure thing. WHY NOT ONE HUNDRED?

Linkin Park just released a song? Better make sure that MIDI autoplays when my page loads.

Want to know how many people have visited? Well f**k yes, you can add a guest counter to your page too. You know what? Chuck in a guest book as well!

God bless that chaotic mess of joy.”

5. Oh yeah!


Funny story about furbies. My grandparents bought a whole bunch of them for all of their grandchildren when they first became popular. Everyone else’s was a normal, English speaking Furby. Mine spoke German.

Not only that, but the batteries I put in mine were on their way out, so I woke up at 3 am to demonic, slurred German emanating from the Furby. I freaked the f**k out.”

6. Better than nothing.

“Downloading 94% of a song and being cool with it.

I had a track from Napster where, 2 minutes in, a random frog would say “RRRIBB-IT”. I think it was an ICQ notification which got recorded into it.

Eventually for me it just became part of the song, like the artist had wanted it there.”

7. Movie phone.

I used to call the automated line at our theater all the time. I wouldn’t even be intending on seeing a movie, I just wanted to know what was out.

Some theater employee every week made a recording of movie titles and a brief synopsis of what they were about and I just found it interesting.

Life was weird before the internet.”

8. The good, old days.

“Blow up plastic furniture, butterfly clips, coloured hair mascara, glitter makeup, pencil-thin eyebrows.”

9. Not gonna happen again.

“As a kid, getting to be taken up to the cockpit to meet the pilots on an international flight if you asked nicely.”

10. The rumor mill.

“Video game rumours that spread around playgrounds because no one had the internet to disprove it.

There’s a cheat code for Tomb Raider to make Lara have s** with the old man butler

Lei Wu Long can one-shot kill any opponent with his gun if you do the right combo in Tekken 2

In Japan there is a new series of Dragonball and it has super saiyan 5.”

11. That was nice.

“Full, free meals on flights.

No TSA, so hardly no security lines.”

12. That’s mine!


My family beating a classmates family to grab the last copy of The Matrix.

The memories…”

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