What Ended Your Friendship With Your Best Friend? People Shared Their Stories.

Friends come and go…and sometimes BEST friends even come and go…

But, as the saying goes, that’s life!

Let’s hear from people on AskReddit about what ended their friendships with their best friends.

1. Done.

“We planned a trip to another country, which she happened to have an online relationship with a guy who also lived there.

The moment we arrived off the plane and she found her BF, that was the last I saw of her until the end of the trip where we met at the airport.

Very awkward experience, she also wanted him to join us in the hotel room, and was upset when I refused to allow him in. Once we got back home from the trip I never heard from her again.”

2. That sucks.

“He cheated on his wife with my girlfriend.

K**led what I thought was two great relationships with one f**k.”

3. Terrible.

“He was sentenced to prison for m**esting 2 children.

I went to visit him in prison because I did not believe it was possible it could be true.

I learned it was true.

He did not seem to understand what he did was wrong

Because it was true and because he did not understand it was wrong it is likely he will repeat the actions when released from prison.

Cannot be friends or have any association.

I have known this guy for over 35 years.”

4. One-sided.

“I got tired of always being the one to put forth any effort. Fly across the world to meet up, attend family gatherings, reach out, be patient, make sacrifice.

It was good times when we were together. So it was worth it for a while but when she moved close and still never bothered to make an effort, I was over it. Wish her nothing but the best.”

5. Time to move on.

“Recently decided it was time to let go and move, grew up together and were best friends since 6th grade.

But I was the only one really reaching out and making plans. When we’d make plans 8/10 times he’d blow me off last minute but I would always tell him “It’s fine s**t happens” and he’d apologize over and over but those apologies felt more and more empty each time.

Finally hit a point where we made plans and he left me on read and ghosted me. That’s when I decided I mentally couldn’t take this anymore and that I’ve been making up excuses for him in my head for the past decade. I’m glad I finally realized it but it does make me sad losing someone I thought was my best friend. Haven’t heard from him since that last message he left me on read.”

6. Had enough.

“When I realized he was a b**ly.

I just wanted his friendship and attention, and then I realized he was using me for kicks.

I put up with his bulls**t because I wanted to be liked.”

7. Betrayed.

“He leaked personal files that were information about the people we take in (he was my coworker at a funeral home) and tried to blame it on me.

Those files included autopsies, pictures of the actual body, legal information and so on. He would also not follow the requests given by family members (religious practices such as thoroughly cleaning the body before burial etc).

Just a horrible person overall, and I truly believe that he leaked those things for personal fetishes because he had serious problems and we were suspecting him already.”

8. Loser.

“After 14 years of friendship we get an apartment and suddenly he loses his job as a personal trainer because of a dress code violation (he wore a hoodie to work, allegedly) and then 2-3 months of him not working.

Then after he agreed to pay me back eventually, all he ever gave me was $400 from his mom (I paid over 14,000 for the year). So I paid the full year lease and he stayed 8 months total.

I never talked to him again also because I found a receipt where he was trying to make a copy of my car keys make and model. F**K THAT GUY.”

9. Scandalous.

“Every single time that I would tell her I was interested in/talking to a guy, she would try to get with him. She was never successful but it hurt that she kept trying. I confronted her about this in a very nice and civil way and explained to her how I felt about this.

She apologized profusely and promised it would never happened again. And then it happened again. I just immediately cut her off after that, no explanation or words needed. She knows what she did. Haven’t spoken a word to her since.”

10. A bad trip.

“Took an international vacation where we realized we ha**d d**n near everything each other did the whole time.

Realized year of seeing each other 1-2 times a month made us hardly know each other.”

11. Sorry for your loss.

“A car accident.

He went to his new job with a new car and never heard of him after that, got a letter from his parents that he will be buried soon.

Will never forget about him, he was such a good friend to me.”

12. Don’t trust him anymore.

“I gave one of my best friends a job at my convenience store when he was down on his luck.

He worked in his dad’s shop previously for like 6.50 an hour and his dad was toxic so he quit and came to work for me till je got a better job. The inferiority complex kicked in and he started talking down to me and talking about how I was spoiled and a daddy’s boy “my dad gave me the shop”.

I paid him the best money he ever made and he would routinely go off on me for perceived managerial issues or start stupid arguments with customers like not selling kids toy guns because they would be at risk and not selling cigarettes or beer to pregnant women, which I understand is a personal choice but as a business I can’t just refuse to sell people s**t they’re allowed to buy legally.

Covid hit and he became a huge antimasker and I finally fired him after a huge blowout about me trying to establish a mask policy. He’s a Marine now and got married to a girl he knew for two weeks. We still talk but I’ve never trusted him since. It sucks because I think he was just like me but from a worse situation. If I was in his shoes maybe I would be way worse.”

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