What Food and Drinks Suck Even Though People Won’t Admit It? Here’s How Folks Responded.

I’m gonna make a stand right this instant about two things…

I don’t like Ethiopian food and I think Rolling Rock beer is absolutely disgusting.

There, I said it!

Are you happy now?!?!

And now we’re going to hear some more confessions.

What food and drinks will people not admit really suck?

AskReddit users spoke up.

1. Wow.


I swear to god idk why people insist its like the most refreshing thing to drink. “Nothing like a cold beer on a summers day”

I just need a water. aAnd I’m not talking al**hol.

I drink mostly liquor, but my dad is just obsessed with beer and i just don’t get it.”

2. Not that great.

“Honestly, cotton candy is not that great.

It’s sticky, it pretty much has no flavor besides sweet, and it turns your mouth colors.

I would much rather eat ice cream or something.”

3. You’re wrong!

“Bloody Marys.

14 ounces of spicy tomato juice mixed seasonings you’d use on red meat and for some reason a celery stalk is delicious and appropriate for breakfast?

Absof**kinglutely not.”

4. Yeah, those are weird.

“Circus Peanuts.

It’s like eating gum that isn’t chewy but instead turns to sand when bitten into, with artificial banana flavoring (but its orange?!?).”

5. Quit pretending.

“Any food that pretends to be another food… It’s never good.

I have friends that act like they can’t tell the difference between rice and cauliflower rice and I know it’s make believe.

There is no way they can’t taste the difference.

I’m like this with almost any substitute.

Just call it what it is and roll with it because I’m skeptical of all of them at this point.”

6. Starting to figure it out.

“I think people are starting to figure this out but red delicious apples.

They are bitter, mealy-textured garbage and the worst tasting apple.”

7. What is this?

“Most American milk chocolate candies .

The chocolate is so low quality and packed full of sugar it doesn’t even taste like chocolate anymore.”

8. What was I thinking?


I must have been delusional as a kid…”

9. I’m kinda with you…


I’m sure there are plenty of people that genuinely like them, but God forbid you say you don’t like IPAs!

They are gross to me, and I love beer/wine/al**hol.”

10. Coffee wars.

“Starbucks coffee.

It is burnt overcaffeinated cheap bean coffee.

Their drinks require an absurd amount of sugar to cover the burnt taste.”

11. Disgusting.

“Monster Energy drinks.

That s**t tastes like perfume.”

12. I don’t get it, either.


I tried, even with the top shelf, but I just don’t get it.

13. So gross.

“When I was a kid, my mom would never let me eat lunchables. I would sit there in the cafeteria looking in envy at kids making their own pizzas and stacking all their baloney cheese crackers.

Kids would basically brag about whose mom loved them the best based on lunchables. There was a whole ass popularity hierarchy of children based solely on these goddamn lunchables. When I finally got my license, one of the first things I did was drive to a grocery store, but 5 different types of lunchables, and inhale them in the parking lot.

What a colossal f**king let down.

One of the biggest wastes of money I’ve ever had. Can’t believe one tiny slab of uncooked pita bread smeared with cold “tomato sauce”, topped with tasteless shavings of cheese claimed to be a meal. How any child got full off of them is a mystery.”

14. Yucky.


They look cool, but taste like plastic with cherry flavoring… yuck!”

What food and drinks do you think are bad that no one will admit to?

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