What Gifts Last a Lifetime? Here’s How People Responded.

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It’s hard to pick out good gifts for friends and family members.

Will they like them? Will they HATE them? Will they use them once and toss them in the trash?

That’s why it’s important to go for longevity, people.

What gifts last a whole lifetime?

Here are some interesting answers from AskReddit users.

1. Plant a tree.

“As silly as it may sound (and it needs space): a tree.

We were given a small lemon-tree ages ago, and each year got so many good lemons.

A lemon-tree lives for about 50 years, so not necessarily a lifetime, but you get the idea ;-).”

2. Good choice.

“Cast Iron skillet.

The cast iron skillet I used to make eggs on this morning was my great grandfathers and I believe he got it some time in 1920 or so. I’m kinda old, so do the math.”

3. Simple, yet effective.

“A high quality can opener

I’ve had the same can opener for something like 25 years and it shows no signs of wear.”

4. Start peelin’!

“I was gifted a $30-35 vegetable peeler and it is light years better than any cheap peeler I’ve owned.

Peels anything easily and after a few years it is as good as new. I plan to slowly replace all the metal gadgets in my kitchen with high quality ones now.”

5. I have a very old one, too.

“I’ve had my great grand father’s dresser since I was born.

So I guess that thing has lasted 4 generations now.”

6. Be smart with that money.

“Honestly, teaching someone financial responsibility.

When I was 18, someone gifted me a class. I thought what a terrible fucking gift. I’m nearing 24 now, and never been more grateful to that person.”

7. Yes!

“If they’re a reader, a good book.

They may only read it once, but the lessons and feelings of the journey will stay with them.

If they’re not a reader, still a good book is a good choice, just try to make it one they have a strong inherent interest in from the get-go.”

8. Important.

“Debt-free education.

Was lucky to have a single mom that somehow supported me all the way through college. Cue multiple offers upon graduating, i had the power to walk away from any offer as there was no pressure to repay any loans.

It gives you the confidence to play hardball in the interview, which vastly improves your prospects.”

9. Knives out.

“A good knife.

It doesn’t matter what type of knife it is or what its intended purpose is, be it a filleting knife for fishing, a blade on an expensive high quality multi-tool, a hunting knife, a (functional) decorative knife, a high quality kitchen knife or whatever else.

A good, high quality blade – with proper care and maintenance – will last a lifetime.”

10. Learn to cook.

“Teaching someone the basics of cooking!

Teaching myself to make eggs was the first step in my culinary adventure that started when I was a kid and is still continuing today. I taught my younger siblings how to cook basics like eggs and pasta and they’ve only improved since.

My gf couldn’t even turn on the stove when we got together (super spoiled kid growing up) so when she finally learned how, the first thing I taught her was scrambled eggs. She makes full, delicious meals now.”

11. Use it wisely.

“Your time. You will never get it back, no refunds, no replenishing your “time bar”.

You spend it, it’s gone.”

12. Timepieces.

“A good watch!

Something you can pass on generation to generation.

I have my grandfather’s pocket watch. It was made in 1912.”

13. Light my fire.

“A zippo lighter.

Even for non-smokers, it’s a cool gift that has tons of uses!

Some of the most resilient things I’ve ever seen.

I’ve seen so many Vietnam-era zippos that still work it’s insane.”

14. A real gift.


You’ll never know if a simple hello can turn into a life long friendship, maybe even companionship.”

15. The most important thing.

“Love. Especially growing up with it.

It really changes the way you see the world and how you treat others. My boyfriend came from a lovely family who care for him (and I) immensely.

My family? Talk shit all the time, say rude things, and didn’t give me all that much affection. He’s confident, aware of emotions and them being valid, and lacks anxiety issues. I’m self conscious, feel guilty for showing certain emotions, and have bad anxiety issues.

Love really does impact people, and its never to late to show it.”

How about you?

What gifts do you think last a lifetime?

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