What Happened When a British Man Tried to Explain What 14 States Are Famous For

I’m sharing these tweets because they’re hilarious, not because I am judging this man whatsoever. I, an American, could definitely not name any county of England, Scotland, or Ireland without Google (and I doubt I could even find Wales on a map).

Honestly, I could probably do most of the countries of Western Europe, but not confidently.

That said, it’s still hilarious to see what the Brits assume of our States just based on what they hear online, so let’s dive in with the first 13!

14. Alabama.

I…have never heard of this. Is this a thing?

13. Alaska.

This is not entirely inaccurate.

12. Arizona.

Have visited, can confirm.

11. Arkansas.

Well…maybe for the Clintons?

10. California.

That about sums it up, unless you want to add “lose your home to wildfires.”

9. Colorado.

Have you ever heard of skiing??

8. Connecticut.

I find this hard to dispute.

7. Delaware.

And something to do with General Washington?

6. Florida.

Yes. Unless it’s Ohio.

5. Georgia.

The peaches might be a myth, not sure.

4. Hawaii.

Nailed it.

3. Idaho.

He’s on a roll.

2. Illinois.

As if the Brits have any room to talk when it comes to weather.

1. Indiana

I mean, ouch. But again, I don’t think the Brits have room to talk on this topic.

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Was your state in this group? Was he right? Sound off in the comments!