What Huge Trends Are Now Mostly Forgotten? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Trends come and go so fast that it can be hard to remember what was popular even a few years ago.

That goes for fashion, music, lifestyles, movies, celebrities, etc.

Hell, do you remember when the Macarena dance was all the rage?

Yeah…weird times…

What huge trends are now mostly forgotten?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Very strange…

“Mustaches on everything from upper lips to t-shirts to finger tattoos.

That was such an odd trend.”

2. Enough, already.


My mom almost ran a dumb kid over.

It was 10 p.m. in a dark movie theater parking lot away from the street lights.”

3. They were everywhere.

“Live Strong wristbands.

And every business and organization making their own version.”

4. No escape.

“Juicy Couture.

When I was in high school it was common to see whole packs of girls wearing those velvet tracksuits and then it just stopped.”

5. Freakin’ out!

“In New Zealand we had this company release a chocolate milk.

People went f**king bonkers. It was in the news every day, people lined up outside grocery stores to get it, mass shortages everywhere. About 2 weeks in it just……..stopped.

The milks still there, people just gave up on the craze seemingly overnight. It was weird.

The milk is good, as good as chocolate milk can be I guess. But yeah…”

6. I remember…

“That weird period in like 2013 where everything was bacon flavored.

There were bacon costumes, toothpaste, candy, etc.”

7. Don’t see that much anymore.

“Ed Hardy clothes.

In my mind this is the beginning of a series of ostentatious clothing evolving over time. Ed Hardy -> Affliction -> some brand I can’t remember -> American Fighter.”

8. Glad this is over.

“The Harlem Shake.

My coworker has been trying to get us onboard to do the Harlem Shake during our awards ceremony.

I’m so glad that plan didn’t go through.”

9. I’ve seen the pics.

“In the US, there was a fad in the 1950s of trying to cram as many people as possible into telephone booths for some reason.”

10. Did you do it?

“The Ice Bucket Challenge.

And pretty much every subsequent challenge that tried to take off. At least a lot of good came from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

I don’t recall any of the others faring well.”

11. Waitin’ for a flood?

“No one ever remembers this when I bring it up but vests got HUGE seemingly overnight in like 2000/01 and literally everyone was wearing them.

It came and went in a matter of months but I’m talking those vests like Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future, it always stood out to me and no one seems to recall it.”

12. Disappeared.

“Avatar. The James Cameron movie.

It was huge…made billions of dollars and then just faded away. The only actor still working (seemingly) is Zoe Saldana. The male lead (Worthington?) has completely disappeared.

Just weird…”

13. Huge when I was growing up.

“”Big Johnson’s S** Wax” t-shirts. They were these t-shirts advertising some sort of surfboard wax.

All the high school “bada***es” would wear them until the teachers confiscated them.

Them, and Hypercolor t-shirts were all the rage for like a month.

Then everyone moved on to the “No Fear” t-shirts.”

14. People are weird.

“Cupcake bakeries popping up everywhere about 15 years ago.

“Tattoo” chokers in the 90’s and then they were popular again about 7 years ago.

Scrapbooking and circuit machines.

Diamond grills on your teeth.

Scaring your cat with a cucumber and recording it.”

What are some more popular trends that are now forgotten?

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