What If Adele Actually Did Set Fire to the Rain, and More Literal Lyrics from Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

What if music lyrics were taken literally and Leona Louis has been “Bleeding Love” for years? What a mess. Or what if Adele did actually “Set Fire to the Rain”? Ouch.

The Twitterverse went crazy when asked this same question and some of them will have you rethinking your favorite jam. I mean song, not jelly.

How it all started:

Photo Credit: Twitter

Kelis – “Milkshake”

Leona Lewis – “Bleeding Love”

Photo Credit: Twitter, @loving_life

Rick Astley – “Never Gonna Give You Up”

The Weather Girls – “It’s Raining Men”

Photo Credit: Twitter, @NigelDixon2

Adele – “Hello”

Photo Credit: Twitter, @lukeeyyp

Bryan Adams – “Summer of ’69”

Toto – “Africa”

Photo Credit: Twitter, @dibviking

Lionel Richie – “Dancing On the Ceiling”

Photo Credit: Twitter, @SimonCaunt2

Carl Douglas – “Kung-Fu Fighting”

Demi Lovato – “Sorry Not Sorry”

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Geords1

That’s a wrap. If you will excuse me, I have to run to the store. Sir Mix-A-Lot’s is requesting buns for his anaconda.