What Is the Best PG Experience a Person Can Have in Life? Here’s What Folks Said.

Hey, get your head out of the gutter, will ya?!?!

What’s wrong with you…?

Today we’re gonna focus on nice, wholesome things that we should all be enjoying, instead of the s**, drugs, and rock n’ roll that we usually think about.

What’s the best PG experience a person can have?

Folks on AskReddit shared their thoughts.

1. Especially when it’s cold!

“Crawling into your nice, clean bed when you are really tired and peacefully drifting off to sleep!”

2. Total ecstasy.

“The first pee of the day, the first pee after a car ride, and the first pee at the bar after about 4 drinks all hit different but are amazing in their own way.”

3. That’s better.

“When your nose is finally unclogged and you are able to breathe properly and actually feel more oxygen entering your bloodstream.”

4. The meaning of life.

“Being surrounded by people that genuinely like you and enjoy your company.

Being surrounded with friends that genuinely love and support you is, at least for me, the meaning of “a quality life”.

Connections to the people around you that share your limited time alive together are what make that time valuable.”

5. Serenity now.

“Sitting alone in the woods by a river in silence with your dog.

And nobody knows where you are.”

6. Hittin’ the road.

“That moment at the start of a road trip, early morning and you first get on the highway and start to feel like you’re on your way, sunrise in bloom and your favorite song on the radio.”

7. Nothing like it.

“Taking your bra off after a long day of wearing it and putting on a baggy t-shirt.

Nothing like it.”

8. Her hero.

“Coming home to my toddler daughter running into my arms.

She would bolt regardless of what time it was and just climb up me.

Spend the next couple hours attempting to walk with her clung to my leg.”

9. The good stuff!

“That deep, rare laughter when you’re doubled over, with tears in your eyes and every time you almost stop your  parnter starts up again.”

10. It’s over.

“When something bad is finally over and you burst into tears when someone you loves is hugging you.

The relief just washes over you and you’re lifted up.”

11. Time to relax.

“Being in a hammock on the perfect day. Light breeze, sunshine but not too hot, perhaps with your dog laying with you.

It is the picture of contentment.”

12. Perfect.

“Eating a really good meal.

The kind that leaves you full and satisfied, peaceful and knowing there’s something right with the world.”

13. Let it wash away.

“Taking a hot shower after having a terrible and just letting off all the burdens on your shoulders and not having a care in the world.”

14. The best.

“When your dog lays their head on your leg and falls asleep also when a cat lays purring in your lap.

If it happens at the same time that’s were I want to be forever.”

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