What Is Theoretically Possible but Practically Impossible? Here’s What People Had to Say.

I’m gonna say right off the bat that I am not a science person, so these responses are going to blow my mind no matter what these folks said…

But maybe you’re a bit smarter than I am…

Check out what AskReddit users said about what is theoretically impossible but practically impossible.

1. Maybe…

Dyson spheres.

The amount of engineering needed to make one is mind bogging. So much planning and special materials.

It would literally be the biggest things ever built by humans, even if it was a small star it was around.”

2. That would be wild.

“Giving a thorough (non-cheated) shuffle to a deck of cards and getting the same resulting order of cards, in all of recorded history.”

3. What if…

“Fly up into space, go on a 670,616,628 mph joy ride for (from your perspective) a year. Then come back to earth after it aged thousands of years while you were gone.

I’d put good money on humans being extinct.”

4. Rigged system.

“Getting out of prison and becoming a productive member of society.

Not because I think they’re shit people, but simply due to the fact the entire system is rigged to send them back.”

5. Could happen…

“Walking through a wall.

Theoretically your atoms could allign perfectly and allow you to walk completely through a wall but the odds are so astronomically low it’s practically impossible.”

6. That’s depressing.

“Theoretically, you can pay all employees a fair and equal wage that’s livable.

In practice, this is known as, “wasting money.””

7. Make it happen!

“Time traveling to the future.

You just need to get yourself under the influence of a great gravitational field or move at very high speed.”

8. Do you know about this?

“My favorite theoretical material – unipolar magnets

It’s a magnet where both sides are positive or negative, a magnet that only repels or only attracts. The physics is over my head, but basically the formula and theories we use for normal magnets can also be used to prove the existence of unipolar magnets. So either these things exist or we don’t really know why magnets work, both of which are entirely possible.

Now, such a thing might only exist in some incredibly esoteric condition with no practical application, but it would prove the formula.

But if it could be just as practical as a normal magnet it would have incredible application. Like an electric motor works by powering an electromagnet which revolves around a center point, but if it was a unipolar magnet it would run without electricity. That would be crazy wouldn’t it? Motor that just runs on physics, never stops, doesn’t require electricity. But it’s just an unproven theoretical state.”

9. Wow…

“Human developing wings.

Theoretically we have all the genes to be able to do so but we need activation which may be practically impossible.”

10. Energy source.

“Passively cooled meltdown-proof nuclear power plants utilizing depleted uranium as an energy source, providing the US with clean power for the next hundred years with just the nuclear waste stored in Kentucky.

Seen it on inside the mind of Bill Gates on Netflix. Only reason we aren’t doing this, is its scary to most people.”

11. Good idea.

“Humans living on Mars.

Let’s just fix our own planet please, it’ll be easier.”

12. Show me the money!

“Everyone being rich.

If you think everyone being rich is everyone having X amount of money, that’s possible, but when it happens in reality it’s meaningless.”

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