What Is Universally Liked by All People? Here’s What Folks Said.

We are divided about pretty much everything today, but I still believe that we as human beings have a lot more in common than we’re led to believe.

And there are some things that we can all agree on!

What is universally liked by everyone?

Here’s what people had to say on AskReddit.

1. Really hits the spot.

“When you are hungry and the food hits the spot perfectly.

Not too full not too hungry and delicious from beginning to end.”

2. Sweet relief.

“When you’ve had a cold/flu/sinus infection and you blow your nose and it feels like you have just blown your entire brain out through your nose and you can small and breath freely again.”

3. Universally loved.

“Ice cream.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t enjoy some form of ice cream.

You’re probably more likely to meet a serial ki**er than someone who doesn’t enjoy it.”

4. A trio of good things.

“When you find money in your pocket.

Having a good stretch after sitting.

The smell of fresh laundry.”

5. Praise is nice.

“Being praised!

Tell that girl/woman you know that she is beautiful, smart and worth it!

Let the boys/men in your life know that you appreciate their hard work and their efforts do matter.

These are only two examples of what we all need to hear sometimes.”

6. A great one!

“Tom Hanks.

Did anyone say Tom Hanks?

It’s definitely Tom Hanks.”

7. Feed me.


Of any kind…”

8. Yes!

“Creedence Clearwater Revival.

What an amazing band.”

9. What a feeling!

“The relief sensation from peeing after having to hold it for a veryyy long time!”

10. Relief.

“The feeling of your nose being clear after being sick.

Particularly that moment when you blow your nose and the largest glob of all time that has been clogging you up flies out.

That feeling is so satisfying.”

11. Heavenly.

“Waking up in the middle of the night realizing you still have hours of sleep before the alarm goes off.”

12. Two great guys.

“Steve Irwin and Mister Rogers definitely.

And yes, I will fight you if you disagree.”

13. That’s better.

“A good burp that ends a bloated feeling.

Pure magic.”

14. Thoughts?

“Avatar the Last Airbender

Genuinely have never heard someone say they don’t like it.

I’ve heard people say that it’s not for them or that it’s not what they’re into but never anyone saying that they dislike it.”

15. The best feeling.

“Waking up suddenly during sleep usually early morning and hoping that it’s not the time you’re supposed to get up e.g. 7 am.

Then when you check the time it’s hours before e.g. 3 am and you get to go back to sleep.”

16. Hits different.

“Having a really good conversation with a friend.

Just hits different, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve talked to them.”

17. What a guy he was.

“Bob Ross.

I’ve never heard a single bad word unironically uttered about him.”

18. Nice and warm.

“Clean clothes out of the dryer.

So warm, like a hug!”

19. Stay gold.


It’s so quiet and peaceful and it’s the best when your out camping and you can watch the sunrise from your sleeping bag.”

20. That’s better.

“When youre out of breath and you pant for a few seconds and then take that final deep breath that completely fills you lungs.

Great feeling.”

21. Truth.


No one dislikes fruit as a whole food category.

Everyone has at least one that they like.”

22. Jackpot!

“Finding $10 in some pants you haven’t worn in a while.

The best.”

23. Nothing better than laundry.

“When you wash all the right clothes in one wash so you have a new stack of you cool, clean clothes.

And then you have the weird/clothes you don’t wear at the bottom of the closet”

24. That’s right!

“Paul Rudd.

Everybody loves Paul Rudd.”

25. Love it!

“Videos of dogs being reunited with their owners.

They’re the best.”

26. Can’t go wrong.


Some people love the appearance of cute animals, like hamsters, dolphins, etc.

Some people love the taste of animals or animal products, like beef, chicken, eggs, milk, etc.

Some people love the lifestyle and facts of “sick” animals, like crocodiles, dinosaurs, etc.

Some people love the presence of unjudging animals since they won’t get love from anywhere else, like dogs, cats, etc.

Some people love the feeling of superiority they have over the “inferior” animals, like turtles, monkeys, etc.

Some people love the concept of being an animal as they think in a different style like other people. Not putting examples.

Some people love the act of ki**ing animals, like sociopaths and sociopaths, and also sociopaths.

List goes on. You can’t go wrong with animals.”

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