What Jobs Are Overpaid? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I think we can all agree that certain jobs are definitely UNDERPAID.

Like firefighters, teachers, and police officers.

But what jobs do you think overpay people?

Take a look at what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Civilian contractor.

“My mom once got a job as a civilian contractor working for the federal government.

She was an accountant, and they put her in the department that managed a certain kind of ICBM… that had just been slated for destruction as part of one of the big arms-reduction treaties in the mid-80s.

She had a computer at her desk but didn’t have login info to use it, so she spent her days doing crosswords. Whatever that job paid, it was definitely overpaid.”

2. Wow.


They are the people who spent two years in the classroom, couldn’t handle it, then started some online blog/following with some appealing catchphrase.

They get paid $3000+ per speaking gig that districts fork up and force teachers to listen to.”

3. Hmmm…

“Life coaches.

When my family moved cities when I was 5 our new neighbours had kids the same age as my sister and I so my dad wanted to meet them (he did not want his girls around weirdos).

When he met the mother she asked what he does and vice versa. She told him she’s a life coach. His response was “what the hell is that?”. She stopped letting her kids play with us.”

4. Score!

“One night I babysat three kids for about 2 hours or so.

The kids went to bed when I got there, and the parents had left dinner out for me, so all I did was eat their food and watch their TV and pet their dogs.

When they got home the mom paid me $100. I told her that was way too much. She slurred “Don’t worry about it, I’m d**nk.” And then I noticed her fly was down.

So that was the most over paid job ever.”

5. Chillin’.

“My last job in college, before starting my career. I was an overnight shelter staff for transitional housing.

Since these clients were basically back up on their feet by the time they arrived, they were pretty self-sufficient. I was paid about 25% higher than other night-shift jobs I could get at the time, and on most nights all I had to do was make one pot of coffee.

The rest of the time I could watch TV, play video games, do personal chores, etc… The one job that I know was better was their overnight sleeper, since we had to have two staff at all times. As implied, this dude made a well-above minimum wage rate to just sleep there on the weekends.”

6. Easy Street.

“I had a job in college as the secretary of the secretary of the English department.

I worked a few days a week and my only responsibilities were:

  • Dropping off outgoing mail in the lobby and distributing the new mail into the faculty mail boxes (took maybe 10 minutes)
  • Answer the phone and direct calls (I got maybe 5 phone calls the whole time I was there)
  • Make copies for professors when they asked (only one every asked)

This was 8 years ago and I was paid I believe around $11 an hour to essentially sit on my phone and do my homework. I’m not saying the pay was great, but I definitely wasn’t doing anything to earn it.”

7. Six figures.

“I’m an IT Storage Engineer and I’m WAY overpaid. I make mid 6 figures and not because it’s hard or heavily specialized but because there aren’t many workplaces that need us and when you do, there’s very few of us around.

It isn’t advertised often and there are always more positions out there than there are people. An example in my country is that the available storage related jobs can fit on 2-3 hands BUT the number of people qualified to do the job can fit on one hand and I’ve worked with all of them.”

8. Didn’t think of that.

“Rehab/treatment center owners.

A lot of them are scumbags, especially in Florida.”

9. Not bad!

“I make $100k to manage a small team.

They do all the work and I just sign off on some decisions every couple weeks.

Everyone loves me because all the work they do and I watch YouTube/Reddit all day.”

10. Just making some calls.


My DevOps jobs pay around 200k – 250k a year, they get 10%-20% of that for making some calls and setting up meetings with hiring managers.

Come to think about it, I am also overpaid for my job.”

11. Thoughts on this one?


Me: I need to pay off a bond for 20-30 years with blood sweat and tears.

Realtor: ‘sells’ house in couple of weeks by sending couple of emails, gives tour of house. “Yeah, like I’m gonna need like 5-10% commission of that 30 years.”

12. Big bucks.

“I work in digital marketing as an account manager.

All I do is respond to emails and Skype people all day. I make over $100k a year just relaying stuff in emails and Skypes.

We generate leads off co-registration sites like the c**p where you can win a gift card if you spin the wheel then answer a million questions and your data is sold 10 times. It’s all bulls**t and I have no idea why it pays so much.”

What jobs did you think are overpaid?

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