What Juicy Drama Is Going on at Your School or Job? Here’s What People Said.

It never fails…

Whether you’re going to school or working a job, there’s gonna be some drama.

You better believe it!

And today we’re gonna get a heaping helping of it!

Folks on AskReddit talked about the big gossip that’s going on at their jobs and schools.

Let’s see what’s going down!

1. Had enough.

“A teacher at our school was constantly being reported by her assistant for grossly and absurdly exaggerated offenses, because the assistant doesn’t like the teacher she’s been assigned to this year.

The teacher is new to our school. The assistant is related to a high-up administrator, and has already been moved several times. Administration kept writing her up (the teacher), despite her protests that the complaints were absurd, and kept requesting this assistant be switched with another.

Teacher finally had enough and quit. Admin spreads around the rumor that the teacher had to leave her job for “mental health reasons”.

True story.”

2. Not again, Jeremy.

“Someone left the freezer door open and thawed out 100 frozen pizzas.

We all know it was you, Jeremy.”

3. The thief.

“One co-worker had a bunch of cash stolen from her purse. Everyone knows who did it.

Not only was she the only one not in attendance at a meeting when the money went missing, but she suddenly started avoiding my co-worker when they had been friends before that.

Also, she would have to know exactly where the purse was stored in order to sneak in and back before being noticed.

Now no one in the office is talking to the alleged thief. That’s our version of office justice since management can’t fire her without more proof.”

4. Scandalous.

“My supervisor got arrested for s**ual a**se.

There hasn’t been a conviction but he’s been in jail for 2-3 weeks.

Doesn’t look good for him.”

5. It worked.

“I work for a very prominent doctor in my city, who has a solo practice. His wife is the practice manager.

They hired a cute blonde RN in her early 30s (married) to work part time. I work next to her and she tells me everything. Doctor proceeds to hit on her in person, via intraoffice instant messaging, and via text. The latter two methods caused the wife to take notice.

Instead of apologizing for extreme discomfort this caused the nurse, the wife progressively and passive aggressively pushes her out of the practice by gradually reducing her hours, making her keep track of everything she does minute by minute, and generally making her work environment sh**ty.

She’s gone now. It worked.”

6. Not a good situation.

“I’m taking a month off before starting a new job.

Being home more has opened my eyes to just how frequently our neighbors fight loudly with the windows open.

And how bad the woman in the couple is at faking her or**sm.”

7. Yikes.

“Coworker had a meltdown and put in her two weeks notice. Started kicking and throwing s**t.


Someone changed the outfits on the mannequins she had dressed the previous day.


8. Stirring it up.

“The new girl in CS (Customer Service) just kinda joined the other early to mid 20s something ladies at lunch one day without being invited and they are all semi nice so it was no big deal.

Well I guess new girl is a bit of a s**t stirrer and has been talking s**t to other people about ladies in the group.”

9. Shouldn’t lie about that.

“A woman at my work is lying about having cancer. She comes up with new sicknesses and calls out all the time.

She told us she’s pregnant with twins and sent us an ultrasound picture. We searched “pregnant twins ultrasound” on Google and it was on the first page.

It goes so much deeper than this too. She would send pictures of herself “d**d on the hospital table” from the “nurse” (using her phone) to my direct manager.

We don’t know what to do. Our bosses are telling us to fire her, but we can’t. Every time she calls out she has a doctor’s note.”

10. Oh, great…

“I just started my current job almost two months ago – beginning of September.

Since then, we’ve had the head of marketing leave his position. Come to find out, he was not only in charge of much of the company’s financing, but also the owner’s. He has been stealing money – over $100,000 – from the owner. Opening credit lines in his name, draining bank accounts, etc. Not sure how long it’s been going on.

But I did find out that the same guy was in jail from ’94-’98 for embezzling over 1 mil. Not sure why the f**k they hired him here in the first place (back in 2003) knowing this… I work IT so I’ve had to spend my time going through his emails and his personal computer and shutting down his access to anything and everything.

Fun stuff to jump into.”

11. Love triangle.

“My boss is Megan, her husband is Daniel and my colleague is Melissa.

So this all started about 18 months ago. Me, Megan, Daniel and Melissa all work in the same department, however Daniel works in a different team because Megan can’t be his boss. Anyway, we’re all going for a team night out (curry, karaoke, blah blah), but Megan can’t make it. So me, Daniel and Melissa all go for the curry, along with a couple of others.

Come Monday morning, Megan calls me in to a meeting, crying her eyes out because she’s convinced Melissa and Daniel slept together on the night out. She’s absolutely hysterical so I agree to ask Melissa as we’re pretty close.

I ask Melissa, who also hysterically cries, telling me that Megan is using her power as her boss to push her out of the company and begs me to believe that she didn’t sleep with Dan. I trust her; I mean, we’ve known each other for a long time. Dan also promises me nothing happened, however Meg and Dan’s marriage suffered as a result of all the drama.

Months go by, Megan becomes really strange, starts following Melissa to the bathroom, trying to listen to her recorded calls and access her emails. I tell her that she can’t use her position like this, and we do this weekly routine where she cries, promises me she won’t do it again, and she does it again the next week.

Anyway, it gets to a point where Melissa can’t cope and she resigns. Megan walks around all triumphantly, Dan seems to reconcile with his wife, and they start trying for a baby.

Last night, Melissa posts a picture of an ultrasound, clearly stating that it is her’s and Daniel’s baby. Turns out they’d been sleeping together for 2 years (6 months of which was prior to their wedding), and she’d lied to me the whole time.

Megan is obviously devastated, walking around like a ghost of herself. Daniel thinks it’s the funniest thing ever, now lives with Melissa and is expecting a child on his anniversary date with Megan…which also happens to be Meg’s due date with Dan’s child.”

12. Oh, boy…

“I am currently in Bizarre World here at a new job, and it is surreal.

After a five-month stint of unemployment I finally landed a job at a company that does water and fire damage restoration work. Yay for me, right? Or so I thought. I was hired to do Collections, but at a lower wage than usual, but accepted the job because of their Bonus program that allows bonuses for making goals each month. I have been here only 3-weeks, and this is what has happened so far.

During my first week here, the Controller was walked out. Literally, walked out of the building by the President, with all her s**t in a box. Wow. WTH? Everyone was suspiciously silent about it for days.

I just put my head down, and did my job. BUT – later found out that literally every single person in the office has been here less than a year, due to extreme turn over and mass firings by the President and his wife. In my department, the new “Supervisor” is 22 years old. Hmmm, ok. She has been here 8 weeks, has no degree and seems as confused as I am.

On my second week, the Office Manager was fired. Didn’t see it happen, but went down to talk to her about the Payroll, and her entire office had been cleaned out.

I saw the President’s wife who said, “It was something that had to be done”. Ummm , what is that code for? So now there is no one here who has any experience, or education beyond a high school degree. We currently have no one handling payroll, commissions, bonuses, A/P or A/R. It is a BAD situation.

I figured that at least the President and/or his wife would step in to assist in the gaps we now have – but nope. Neither of them have any knowledge of the Quickbooks system that is being used, don;t know the passwords, what invoices are past due to vendors, etc….

A new Controller was hired this week, who was supposed to be trained by the President’s wife, but no. She called and said she was taking a vacation week, and asked me to train the new Controller. WHAT???

I have been here 3 weeks, I work in Collections, have no idea about your A/P or A/R or Payroll – AND I am supposed to be powering out the Collections to get a bonus for the end of this month, but we are being yanked to put out fires every day.

FINALLY, the phone will not stop ringing from vendors who haven’t been paid in more than 3-4 months. The service Techs can’t use their company credit cards because the account is frozen due to non-payment, so they can’t even get gas for their trucks.

AND the frosting on the cake?? It’s been raining for a full day and night, and we came in today to a building that is leaking in four major spots. Water is bulging thru the ceiling tiles and causing the tiles to crack and burst thru.

So, the WATER DAMAGE Restoration Company I work for, can’t/won’t even repair their own roof, and all day we have moved furniture and laid down plastic to protect our desks and files from being soaked.

I have spent the entire week on-line, pretending to work hard, as I desperately try to find a new job. I am pi**ed/sad/disappointed and mostly I am scared.”

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