What Legal Substance Are You Addicted To? Here’s What People Said.

Pizza. Tacos. Chinese food.

Those are my weaknesses.

And yes, I’m gonna go on the record today and say that I am 100% addicted to these legal substances.

I only eat them in moderation these days, but I can still dream about them as much as I want, right…?

Are you addicted to any LEGAL substances?

AskReddit users spoke up.

1. Recovering addict.

“Not so much anymore but I was very addicted to peanut butter.

It was somehow incorporated into every meal of the day for me for some time but one day I just stopped.”

2. Nasal spray.

“When I had a cold, I used this nasal spray that shrinks the blood vessels in the nose and makes it easier for you to breathe.

It is an over the counter drug store item and you dont need a prescription.

Once you stop using it, your nose clogs up or at least it feels like it because you used to breathe like a superhero for a week. The longer you use, the worse the withdrawals are.

I couldn’t properly breathe without it so I ended up using it for almost half a year.”

3. They are tasty.


I was a massive addict. I used to buy a couple whole boxes of them. I used to drive to Frito Lays to buy them directly from the factory because was the only places where you could buy this much without people asking questions.

What makes me stop was in one occasion i went to a “Colmado”(Is pretty much a 7/11 or mini market here at Dom.Rep). Told the guy “give me this just on doritos”. Was around 800 DPO, which is 14 USD One bag personal bag of Doritos is 25 DPO here.

Around 30 something bags of Doritos. The guy looked at me and told me “D**n. You just wiped my whole shelf. Now i need to call Frito Lays to bring me a couple boxes”. I looked at the empty shelf i was so embarrassed and disgusted of myself.

On my way walking home i started to gift them away to people. I kept like 3 bags, ate them and since them I slowly were reducing my numbers of Doritos at weeks for the next couple months. I stil love them, but I don’t have the impulse anymore.”

4. Slow down!

“Oreos… I can knock down a sleeve before looking down.

It only stops when the stomach pain sets in and even if it subsides for a moment, that moment will be filled with an Oreo.”

5. What a story.

“Sweet Baby Ray’s honey chipotle BBQ sauce.

I had a bad accident as a kid from drinking what I thought was Koolade but nope, so a very good portion of my tongue and cheeks got scar tissue. Since then I haven’t been able to taste a lot of foods.

I literally can not taste most bread, crackers, light soup broths, a few juices, etc. The worst easily is that I can not taste most red meats…

But for some reason, I’m super sensitive to honey and Smokey flavors and that sauce was a godsend. I am no medical doctor, and I don’t know how to explain it(?) but when I use it on something I not only taste the sauce but can actually taste a lot of foods I couldn’t before. So I put it on everything like a weirdo.

In the same vein, I also keep a small bottle of ghost pepper hot sauce as well but mostly for pasta as chipotle bbq doesn’t seem to work with most red sauces but the ghost pepper does?”

6. The better choice.


I gave up sm**ing years ago and substituted it with an addiction to chocolate.”

7. Comforting.

“I’m not even addicted to caffeine, but to the idea of coffee, that larger than life promise of absolute comfort and solution to any imaginable problem that a cup of coffee holds.

Whether you’re getting irritated by politics, experiencing legal trouble, your boss pi**ed you off, your personal relationships are a mess, you’re pondering the pointlessness of existence or have a small practical task you just don’t feel like dealing with, a cup of coffee is the obligatory first step you have to take to figure it out.

You have to spread it out over 3 hours and have someone nodding their head in understanding too as a part of the ritual. Enlightenment should follow.”

8. So good.

“Thin Mints.

Lucky is the first Girl Scout I spot each season. I’ll tell them “stay right there, don’t go anywhere.” Then I’ll go home and get my van. Come back as quick as I can hoping the girl hasn’t left the area. I’ll pull up, throw a bunch of money on the table and just grab what I came for.

I’ll load my prize in the back of the van, secure it well and take off. I’ve got a special place in my home where nobody can find them, but it’s easy for me to get to when I want to treat myself. Usually they’ll last a few months. Then I start looking forward to spotting the next lucky Girl Scout.”

9. Insomnia cocktail.


A lifetime of adult insomnia led me to search for stronger sleep cocktails and I took a Benedryl with Meletonin.

It got so bad I was up to a few every night but happy to report now I am down to a half and going to go down to zero soon.”

10. FOOD.

“Food. This isn’t a joke. It is 100% a real addiction.

When when you’re almost 400 lbs and unhappy with yourself, your brain still convinced you unhealthy eating is the answer to happiness. That’s a fu**ing addiction…but an addiction you need to feed into in order to survive.

Imagine being addicted to m**h, but you needed to take “healthy” less potent meth 3x a day to live. It would be impossible to overcome. That’s how I feel about food.”

11. Might want to look into that.

“Unintentionally, Codeine. I’ve had to take it for around 7 years now for a chronic pain disorder.

I don’t like crave it in the way people crave a ci**rette for nicotine but if I have a good pain day and I don’t need to take as much I get itchy and really irritable and dizzy.

So that’s fun.”

Now it’s your turn.

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