What Looks Fun in Movies but Is Miserable in Real Life? People Responded.

I remember watching a war movie with a friend of mine a long time ago and he said something like, “man, that would have been awesome!”

Of course I looked at him sideways like he was a crazy person, but the more I thought about it, I guess he had a point: movies make things look glamorous that would actually be pretty terrible in real life.

AskReddit users talked about what they think looks fun in movies but is miserable in real life.

Go ahead and see what they had to say.

1. No fun.

“Montages where they’re working hard, especially if it’s a “glow-up” thing full of exercise and dieting and self-improvement.

In reality it kinda sucks.

There’s no fast-forward, no silly music.”

2. Not a good look.

“Carrying and drinking hard liquor out of a flask.

In movies, it looks kind of normal but in real life, you just look like an al**holic.”

3. Isn’t this great?!?!

“Living paycheck to paycheck or not making enough to survive in the city you live in.

Having a s**tload of roommates.”

4. Everybody up!

“Getting everyone ready in the morning.

Looks like a great time in movies. Kids drinking orange juice. Mom cooking pancakes and smiling. Dad grabbing a piece of toast and running out the door.

Yeah that’s not how it goes in real life. Nobody wakes up 3 hours early to cook a 5 course breakfast for their s**tty kids and moron father.

Everyone should be scrambling to get ready and yelling at someone to get their a** up and people fighting for the bathroom and the dog barking at a squirrel outside and mom sitting alone in the kitchen trying to collect herself.”

5. LOL.

“S** on the beach (sand!!!)


Marrying a prince

Trying on a LOT of outfits

Legal trials

hunting ghosts

Most halloween parties

Most high school/teen relationships

Having your car break down or otherwise getting stranded in a picturesque town. (For one thing, it is never coincidentally the week of the big annual festival).”

6. Fighting.


Yeah, there’s a reason why the real bada**es – Bruce Lee caliber fighters – when asked how to best win a real-life fight, they tend to say “Well, I would run away.”

F**king up your hands, scaring your friends, and getting into legal trouble is about all you get out of fighting, besides maybe a quick rush of endorphins.”

7. A little dull.

“My dad was a police officer (with a straight moral compass, I know what you’re thinking) and he said that it was pretty much 80% paperwork.”

8. Be careful!

“Sliding down a banister / railing.

In real life, it works a lot less like a slide.”

9. Not a smooth ride.

“Crowd surfing.

Not a smooth way to be carried around at a concert nobody is happy to help you float around.

In reality you’re getting thrown about dropped on people heads and groped until the crowd drops you and then you’re lucky if you don’t get your a** kicked for falling on someone’s head.?”

10. This sucks…

“Taking a classic car on a road trip.

No doubt they look really cool but as a car hobbyist myself I can say these cars typically don’t have A/C and are not the comfort nor reliability choice for long distance.”

11. A tough one.

“Trying to find love. In real life, you will be going through money, time, and patience to try finding a breadcrumb in a haystack.

And this is coming from someone who enjoys movie romance, especially when it’s done well.

It’s just unfortunately full of things that are best case scenario a lot of the time, and in real life it just doesn’t go that way.”

12. I need a flight!

“Going to an airport and just getting a flight to anywhere.

I know in like 80% maybe 90% (no data on that) of these scenarios the person has an American, Canadian, French or some nice country’s passport, but for any other person that has a passport from a not all too well off country then they’ll just kick you out of the airport cause you need visa to said country so that the airline can allow you to board the flight.

This is also ignoring the fact that almost all flights that are not local (sometimes even the local ones if its the peak of the travel season) are reserved usually a month or more in advance by others therefore the flights that are available might not even have space for you to board, regardless of whether you can pay the absurd cost it is to get that last minute ticket.”

13. Let’s go somewhere else.

“Going to Las Vegas.

It’s so hot and dirty.

I’ve never understood the hype.”

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