What Makes No Sense to You at All? Here’s What People Said.

The world is weird, huh?

And the older I get, the less it seems to make sense to me…

Do you feel that way, too?

Well, if you do, you’re in for a treat, because we’re about to hear from a bunch of folks about things that don’t make any sense to them.

Let’s take a look!

1. Figure it out!

“How flies can get indoors easily but struggle to get out.

Very weird.”

2. Is this a joke?

“Those Facebook photos that promise you a lot of money if you post them. Is it true that people believe it?

How, in what environment, under what conditions, could that possibly work? Is this some sort of inside joke that I’m not aware of?

“Write Amen.””

3. Who figured it out?

“How people came up with baking.

I get eating meats and veggies and fruits. That’s just food that’s pretty much ready to go

But somehow someone figured you can grind this plant into a powder, add a certain amount of water and some chicken eggs and some oil and some other crushed plant stuff and then heat it for X Minutes and now you have cake or bread or cookies or whatever.”

4. Hmmmm…

“Seems like half of the true-crime shows I watch involve life insurance.

What I don’t understand is how the perpetrators convince themselves that being the beneficiary on a brand-new life insurance policy and then having the insured turn up d**d within days or weeks is not going to put you under a detective’s microscope.

Even more suspicious are the ones who immediately make the claim for payout within a day of the d**th. At least sit on it for a month or two and act like you’re grieving.”

5. For real.

“House price rises.

How seriously can people have so much money for bel0w- average houses? Where are all these great paying jobs that pay these mortgages?

My partner and I have decent middle class jobs ( teacher, nurse) yet cannot afford to buy in the city where we live.

And not even close to the city where we live.

How can a pandemic wreck an economy… throw thousands out of work needing to rely on government handouts …. Yet house prices increase?

6. Disgusting.

“People that don’t flush public restroom toilets.

What’s the deal with that? Do they not flush in their own homes? Is it laziness? Contempt with society?

Seeing retail and other workers suffer? Just not knowing better?”

7. Anyone?

“How babies just go from swimming/breathing in a pouch of goo to being born and able to breathe normal air. It makes no sense to me.

How does something go from not breathing air to breathing air in like a second?”

8. Beats me.

“How the moon is in perfect rotation with the earth to the point where we only see one side of the moon at all times no matter what.”

9. I wish they did this.

“Why do I have to file my taxes?

You already know what I either owe or am getting back.

Just either bill me or pay me.”

10. Thoughts?

“Why everyone calls those kids in those “I told my kid I ate their Halloween candy” videos bratty if they get pi**ed. The kid has every right to be upset.

All you’re teaching your child is that they’re not supposed to be upset if someone takes something they value (and that they’ve put time and effort into procuring).

I’ve always h**ed those videos.”

11. The gift of gab.

“How people can just go up to complete strangers and start a conversation.

It comes as naturally to them as breathing.”

12. The great unknown.


Look at the moon. Some days you can see Saturn or Jupiter out there. Look at the stars.

You think about us… people on this rock in space all running around. We’re floating in space on a rock. Spinning around. All together. One.

And space is just soooo big. It’s overwhelming. Really really big. I can’t even comprehend how big.

It doesn’t even make sense how big it is.”

Now we want to hear from you.

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Thanks a lot!