What Makes You Truly Happy? 27 People Share Their Secrets.

True happiness is unique for all of us.

Some find it through work, some through family, some through their kids, and some through different hobbies.

To each their own, you know?

AskReddit users talked about what genuinely makes them happy in life.

Let’s take a look.

1. Don’t try this at home.

“Unconditional love from my dog.

Want an example?

Put your spouse and your dog in the trunk of a car for a day.

Who’s gonna be happier to see you when you open it?”

2. Living the good life.

“Drinking coffee on the porch with my husband.

Sitting beside a river listening to it in motion.

The birds at the ocean that sound like they are laughing.”

3. Trippin’.


It’s the only thing that has given me true happiness over my entire life (while it lasts) and I believe that everyone deserves to try it out at least once.”

4. True love.

“My girlfriend.

She has this really cute smile and the most beautiful eyes, every morning I wake up next to her and I feel the luckiest man in the world.

I want to wake up next to her every single day of my life.”

5. Wild kingdom.


Almost nothing gives me more joy than enjoying the many creatures of this Earth.”

6. Pure joy.

“I love my dog, and I love the way we understand each other in a really unique way.

We have a way of communicating that we call “Doglish,” where we’ll tell her something complicated, and she just gets it. Right now it’s “I don’t want you to leave this couch, but I do need you to rearrange so I can sit next to you,” and she just gets up and rearranges without jumping off the couch.

It’s pretty cool and humbling to be chosen and loved by another being, especially one outside your species. When we understand each other with a glance or a gesture, it’s pure joy.”

7. Be kind.


For no other reason then to be kind.

To be kind to those who are lovely is easy but being able to keep composure and be kind to cunts fills me with joy.”

8. On the water.

“Being out on my boat.

A flat calm evening, not a ripple in the sea, beautiful sunset catching fish. Nothing compares for me.

Pure bliss some of the views I get to see.”

9. Perfect.

“My newborn son.

I have never felt such wild ranges of emotions- love, joy, fear, concern, elation- before in my life.

He is utter perfection.”

10. Quality time.

“Just turned my mom onto Bob’s Burgers and we watch it together regularly.

She said it’s her favorite show now.

She loves blankets so I got her a big Bob’s Burgers blanket and I’m going to give it to her for her birthday next month.”

11. Help each other out.

“Being able to help others.

I don’t have any special skill and I’m not good at anything at all.

I haven’t found my place but helping those that I love brings some sort of comfort.”

12. Good times!

“Games night at a friend’s house.

Me and my fiancee go to their house, hang out with their young kid, then we just play board/card games, it’s just nice having daft fun, laughing, catching up about the week and what not,

I’m always really happy while I’m there.”

13. Congrats.

“I was pretty much broke most of my life and only in my 40’s did I “make it”

Prior to that I could never entertain at home despite me loving entertaining and having friends and family over. Either I was too broke or lived in such a small house that having guests over was impossible.

I would always get invited to family and friends and always feel ashamed that I could never reciprocate.

Now I live in a big place with a huge garden and bbq area and I absolutely live for having people over and feeding them.

Nothing pleases me more than seeing people I love with a full stomach and a drink in hand sitting on my deck saying “fuck no I can’t even have another bite” Bonus points if they have to loosen their belts.

We’ve just gone into spring which means bbq season is around and corner which means pool parties and any excuse for a bbq and having people over.

I can’t wait.”

14. Bedtime.

“I think it may be the only time I am ever genuinely happy when I am in that state of going to sleep where I think, but at the same time I am neither asleep nor awake.

It feels like I am entirely detached from the physical world; free of fear, and pain.”

15. Gotta love it.

“Watching my cat get stuck somewhere stupid, then yelling for help.

The best place so far was in a cabinet over the stove.”

16. All to yourself.

“Being outside with no people around.

I live in a city and I get up super early and just walk around before everyone else is out.

Best part of my day.”

17. Hobbies.

“I really love to hear about other peoples hobbies/passions/interests.

It never fails to make me smile.

Equally, my hobbies/passions/interests make me happy.”

18. Let’s eat.

“Plenty of my favorite food eaten together with family.

Harvesting fruits/veggies from plants which I grew myself and then gifting the harvest to others.

I love to grow blueberries and hope I will have lots next year.”

19. Awesome.

“I’m a musician and amateur producer.

Hearing a completed project for the first time is a magical experience.”

20. A time to laugh.

“When I manage to make my friends’ day by making them laugh.

I honestly get so happy when they are happy.”

21. The best.

“Spending time with animals.

I volunteered at our local shelter for 2 years and when there was no more work to be done for the day, I’d just get to hang out with all kinds of animals.

Made me fall in love with dogs and birds all over again.”

22. Peaceful.

“Weekend mornings sitting on the couch curled up with my husband and cat, both of us reading a book.

It feels like quality time even though we aren’t talking.

Just a lot of peace.”

23. The first time.

“Trying new things.

Especially with friends.

The other day I did Go-Karting for the first time.

Also the first time I drove. I felt super excited.”

24. Giddy.

“The night before traveling to a new place.

Like when all your bags are packed and you’ve double checked that your passport is there and you have the right currency and have the outline all hammered out.

It’s just the best! The giddiness of it all.”

25. Here you go, Mom.

“Cooking food for my mum before she comes home from work.

She doesn’t have to ever cook as long as I live at home.

She loves my food btw.”

26. What a feeling.

“My daughter running up to me after I’ve been gone and saying hello all excited.

I could only be gone for 10 minutes, doesn’t matter, she’s excited when I come home.”

27. The big game.

“I love the anticipation of watching a live sports event that you’ve been looking forward to and then it’s even better if it turned out to be super entertaining.

If your life is otherwise very bland it’s a nice thing to keep you going.”

How about you?

What makes you happy?

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