What Mistake Did You Make Once That You’ll Never Make Again? People Shared Their Stories.

Let me tell you a little story about something that I did exactly one time that I’m almost 100% positive I’ll never do again…

I went to a nightclub with some friends in Las Vegas when I was 21…and once was enough, people.

That’s just my personal opinion, but between the loud music that I didn’t enjoy, the ridiculous cover charge to walk in the door, and the expensive drinks, I’m pretty sure that I’m one and done.

What mistake did you make once that you won’t make again?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Nope!

“Don’t give someone you’re dating money.

Not at least until they’ve proven themselves reliable, and that they truly care about you for who you are.

Seems obvious, but attraction can blind your common sense.”

2. Big mistake.

“Breaking up with a great partner.

I broke up with the most amazing woman I know. The reason, well long story but i guess the root of the problem was me. Didn’t talk about problems and it accumulated until i just had to go, my brain fought against itself and i was in really bad mental condition.

The mistake was not letting her help and tried to solve it myself.”

3. Stay fit!

“Letting myself become obese.

I’ve lost a lot of weight and gained back my life now.

I will never go back to that depressing and painful state.”

4. You live and you learn.

“Getting married to someone with the opposite beliefs than me. Politically and Religiously.

She is not a match. She was never supposed to be my wife.

What an incredible f**k up.

She looked pretty, basically. I was 19.”

5. OMG.

“Removing my towel after a shower next to a bed with a curious 3 month old kitten in it.

That little f**ker pounced off the bed, and latched onto my dangly bits, teeth on the tip and claws in the berries. I’m also quite allergic to cats, so there was so much swelling that I considered sending a d**k pic to my girl away on business to say “are you impressed yet?”, but there was a lot of blood.

The worst part about it is not only was I in an incredible amount of pain, and everyone knows that you have to basically explain your story 3 times at a hospital. Once to the desk clerk, once to the nurse, and once to the doctor…”

6. Cut it off.

“Continuing to date someone who starts s**t 2 weeks into dating.

You gotta learn what a red flag means before you can recognize their significance, I guess.

But d**n, what a lesson to learn.”

7. Uh uh…

“Thinking I could go into that timeshare meeting, be out within an hour, and get that free trip to Vegas.”

8. The old neighborhood.

“Going back to my old neighborhood.

Too many bad memories and people there, even people who I saw as friends treated me like s**t.

Never again.”

9. The worst.


I would rather live paycheck to paycheck in my own place then deal with the passive aggressive BS involved with people who aren’t even your family.”

10. Bad idea.

“Will never work in a family business again.

Will never hire one of my children or relatives, either.

A recipe for disaster.”

11. Don’t go back to that.

“S**king. Started age 18 on train to boot camp.

Did not expect to survive the next few years. Stopped 2 years ago age 76 when I woke up in E.R. with a hose down my throat.

I took that as a sign I should quit.”

12. Now happily divorced.

“Going through with getting married even though I knew and felt it wasn’t right. Days before I became nervous, but it wasn’t the ordinary cold feet most people feel.

I genuinely knew it wasn’t right. We already had so many problems. We met online and she was gorgeous. But the red flags were easily identified. I knew the first date she was very negative. She talked more about what she doesn’t like versus what she does like. But once the wedding was happening, I felt there was no going backwards.

Until this day, my friend still jokes about taking a picture with the exit in the background. The day of my wedding he supported me exiting if I decided it wasn’t right for me. I’m happily divorced after 3 years of hell.”

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