What Naturally Occurring Bodily Function Irritates You the Most and Why? People Spoke Up.

Hey, we all gotta do what we gotta do.

When nature calls, you answer.

But that doesn’t mean we have to like it, gosh darnit!

What naturally occurring bodily function really irritates you?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Gross.

“Night sweats.

I hate waking up in a pool of my own sweat.”

2. Where’s the payoff?!?!

“The pre-sneeze wind up without the sneeze.”

3. Never fun.

“Runny nose.

Especially when it’s like a d**n faucet.”

4. One of the worst.


They’re irritating, interrupting, and every time I get them they just keep coming back that day until I sleep.”

5. Dry skin.

“My skin drying the f**k out.

Like what the f**k? Thats not how skin is supposed to work.

No matter how much water I drink it’s like “nope I said we dry and cracking today”.”

6. Can’t stop going.

“Having to pee.

I’m male 27 and I go pee around 10 times a day.

I would love to never pee again if I could.”

7. Not pleasant.


I would rather just puke and be done with it.”

8. Ugh.

“I get tension headaches that turn into migraines and it just completely ruins a whole day.

It’s either go take my meds that basically just put me to sleep, or try and tough it out to then end up with a migraine so bad that I can’t see straight, start hurling, and just wish somebody would shoot me because it hurts so bad I can’t stand it.”

9. What’s that noise?

“When my stomach makes loud noises when either hungry or digesting.

I am so bothered by how loud it can get.”

10. Must be rough.

“Periods, dude.

Periods are the most annoying thing ever.

Period. (No pun intended).”

11. Acid overdrive.

“Acid production for digestion.

Mine is in overdrive, and I hate it.”

12. Can’t stop itching.

“Random itchiness on my body.

It stinks because I have super sensitive skin as it is and anything makes me want to claw at myself like a dog with fleas. Top that with being pale-skinned so some part of me is always bright red from scratching.

It’s not like I have any physical signs of a rash or anything, its just smooth, clear skin that gets itchy often.”

13. Very uncomfortable.

“A** sweat.

At 35 my metabolism finally slowed down and I gained like 60lbs. My biggest issue was a** sweat.

So bad I couldn’t wear khakis without sweating through them!”

14. It’s gotta go somewhere.

“Storing fat.

Cause I love food, and I’m fat.”

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