What Slogans Would Top Brands Have If They Were Brutally Honest?

©Unsplash,Talles Alves

Now, this will be a fun little exercise that all of us can enjoy!

This interesting question was posed to folks online:

“What Slogans Would Top Brands Have If They Were Brutally Honest?”

You just know these responses are gonna be a lot of fun.

Let’s see what the good people from AskReddit had to say about this.

1. This is ON POINT.


Be careful what you wish for.”

2. They know everything.


We know what porn you like.”

3. They’ll own the world pretty soon.


If we don’t own it, we can buy it.”

4. Oh shit!


It’s definitely cancer.”

5. How cool!


Big Brother, but with GIFs!”

6. Ouch…

“United Airlines.

If we cannot beat our competitors, we beat our customers.”

7. Over and over again.

“E A Sports..

The same game.”

8. Truth bomb!

“Red Lobster:

You’re only here for the biscuits.”

9. Unfortunately, this is true for me.


The only cable internet provider where you live.”

10. You know you’re going to.


‘Just Buy It’.”

11. What do you think of this one?


Your home for obnoxious reality shows, even though our name means something completely different.”

12. They know.

“Lucky Charms:

We know you only eat the marshmallows.”

13. Depressing.


Water is not a human right.”

14. Pretty much.


Only 5% of it is worth watching.”

15. They’re watching us…


Well, Google needed a large database to train its voice and video recognition algorithms.”

16. It tastes good, though.

“Captain Crunch:

Say goodbye to the roof of your mouth.”

17. Always!


The go-to hangover drink.”

18. The Lord’s day.


The fast food place you’ll go to at least once before remembering it’s Sunday.”

19. This person has a beef with Delta.

“Delta Airlines – No, fuuuuuck you!

Delta Airlines – Focus on the Destination

Delta Airlines – Sit down and shut up

Delta Airlines – Than take a train, Asshole.”

20. Go easy on this stuff.

“Red Bull:

It gives you heart palpations.”


“White Castle:

Stop asking us what part of the chicken the “ring” comes from.

22. That Big Mac, though…


Giving you obesity since 1955.”

23. A tough one.

“Welcome to Walmart:

Trade your dignity to save a few bucks.”

24. Very accurate.

“Taco Bell:

Where else was your drunk ass going to go?”

25. Not very appetizing.


Let us microwave that for you.”

You have to admit…those are pretty funny…and pretty accurate.

Okay, what do you think?

What slogans would big brands use if they were being totally honest?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments, please!