What Sounds Like a Compliment but Is Actually an Insult? Here’s What People Said.

Ouch…this is gonna burn.

Because chances are that you might have heard one of these backhanded compliments before and you never even had a clue that you were being insulted…

Hang on tight!

And try not to get too upset, okay?

1. Hmmm…

“Personally I think “Good for you” is really condescending…

Also “is that what you’re wearing tonight?” is bad.”

2. Good Lord.

“I’ve gotten “You don’t sound black on the phone” when people meet me for the first time.”

3. LOL.

“I was at a metal show last week and one of the openers was an English band.

Before their last song, the vocalist very sincerely said “you guys are a great crowd. Not the best though, but pretty great.””

4. Well…

“How are you still single?

You’re a really nice guy!”

5. Gee, thanks…

“An airport check-in person stopped my cousin and said “wait this is your wife? How did you snag her? She’s way out of your league!”

He said it while chuckling but it really hurt my cousin’s feelings.

He’d never considered his wife so far above him that a stranger would be mind blown to know she was with him.”

6. Interesting…

“It’s “interesting” was always my grandmother’s favorite if she didn’t like something.

The shirt isn’t ugly, it’s “interesting”.”

7. Not cool.

“If you’re a fat girl:

“You have such a pretty face”

Or, the other classic:

“You’d be so pretty if you just lost weight”.”

8. Kinda creepy.

““You’re too pretty to be working here.”

Said to me when I was working in a grocery store by a man.”

9. D**k move.

“”You look so good…for a mom!”

I’ve only had one person say that to me, but conditional compliments like that are never very flattering.”

10. Offended.

“Someone at work told me “You seem like the kind of person who listens to Taylor Swift.”

While not meant maliciously I took offense to it.”

11. Thanks, kid.

“My son is super picky about food.

Once I made a new recipe and asked him what he thought, he said “well, it wasn’t terrible.”

Is that a compliment or an insult?”

12. Dumb.

“”Oh are you mexican? But you don’t look like one”.

It doesn’t sound like a compliment, but people that say that think so.”

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