What Trends Do You Really Despise? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I’ll tell you about a trend that I really can’t stand at all…


It drives me nuts!

And I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that I’m a little bit older: sometimes I talk to people in their twenties and even they think the whole thing is weird and lame.

AskReddit users went on the record about the trends that they really can’t stand.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. A little over the top.

“Gig work and the push to be hustling all the time.

And turning your hobbies into a side hustle to this.

Some people just like having a hobby, I hate this weird pressure to be a savvy business person when you’re comfortable right where you are.”

2. Just give me the recipe.

“How recipes need to share a life story over five pages worth of text before getting to the actual recipe.”

3. Way too much.

“I really feel peeved when I’m around people that feel the need to document so much of their life/our hangouts on social media.

Maybe it’s because I’m particularly shy, but I’m not always the most comfortable when I’m having a conversation, and somebody at the table is recording a Snapchat video of themselves (therefore their viewers can hear what I’m saying) or if we spend a crazy amount of time taking pictures for a story.

I don’t mind the occasional picture or anything like that, and I’m trying to be more relaxed about it, but it’s been a pet peeve for such a long time.”

4. So true.

“Misinformed activism.

Followed by ‘why is no one talking about this??'”

5. We live in strange times.

“How common it is to be proud of being called manipulative?

I’m not sure if it’s just on Tiktok, but people are always like “haha i’m a toxic girlfriend” or “female manipulator lol”.

Those are not qualities you should be bragging about. It’s so strange.”

6. Everywhere.

“Clickbait articles. They’re everywhere.

I refuse to look at them, but every now and then there’s one that has some leading question that I actually DO want to know the answer to.

I hate knowing that even if I did try to follow the link, it would be 70% advertisements, 29% filler content, and maaaybe 1% that’s actually interesting.”

7. The video game world.

“When a popular game comes out and everyone in the video game industry ONLY makes games that are like that one game.

I don’t want 20 godd*mn different battle royal games in 2 years I want a bigger variety of games that’ll get me interested.”

8. Don’t do it!

“The period where everyone is using charcoal products.

It’s really horrible for your teeth and I really don’t know about the other products that are supposed to “improve” anything.”

9. A scam.

“There’s this one ad about a “detox footbath” it’s a normal footbath that electro-corrodes a piece of iron inside, so all the rust pours out into the water as “toxins leaving the body”.

It’s a scam.”

10. Gross.

“Those TikTok trends where people make their spouses jealous.

It just seems weird to me that one would find humor in a spouse’s insecurities.”

11. But…

“I keep seeing these memes that say “I don’t know who needs to hear this but..” followed by a generic piece of advice.

It’s not that bad.

But generally most trends on social media are annoying.”

12. Really lame.

“Pranks at the expense of retail and food service workers for likes on social media.

Work is already hard enough without morons making it worse.

They don’t even compensate you.”

13. Totally overused.

“I hate the phrase “we need to normalize…” because it’s so overused and all the articles that use it are so condescending.”

14. Annoying.

“I hate the trends of people just messing with strangers or doing tick tocks in the middle of streets.

It’s so f*cking annoying to be on the highway or a busy streets and two di*kheads in the road with a phone gripping at me for honking.”

15. Not funny.

“Prank culture.

Unless everyone is laughing in the end, it’s not funny.

There’s a special place in Hell for people that intentionally slap a slice of cheddar in their babies/pets’ face to harvest internet points.”

16. Kinda weird.

“True crime channels on Youtube that feature a dead/missing person’s face as the thumbnail next to the Youtuber looking s*xy and making a “shocked face”.”

17. Not buying it.

“Twitter users starting they’re tweets with “can we stop pretending that [such and such] is a bad movie” or the endless “[really good movie that everyone knows is good] is such an underrated masterpiece”.

Just say what you want about the movie, stop trying to convince people that you’re the minority.”

18. No more!

“Gender reveal parties.

Sorry let me be more specific, it’s not the gender reveal parties, it’s the idea that you need to go above and beyond to reveal your child’s gender.

People should keep it nice and simple, you don’t need to start a wildfire to reveal if your child is male or female.”

19. Yup.


Their contribution to society is non existent. Everyone now thinks they can be an influencer too.

It’s annoying AF.”

20. A really bad thing.


No one wants to really understand how scientific research and data works, but may use data out of context, or spread junk science to fit an agenda. Getting “information” through memes, instead of factual, detailed reports.

Cult mentalities in politics and ideologies. Disagree, question, challenge something? Get called a slur or a buzz word.

I’m not really pointing at a specific “side”. Liberal and conservatives are both guilty of it.”

21. Needs to stop.

““Normalizing” mental illness.

Suddenly everyone has depressive episodes, dissociation, OCD, panic attacks, and it has done nothing to take away stigma. If anything, it’s made stigma worse. Because now I feel like I have to prove myself if I open up about my diagnosed issues.

I’m not a faker, I’m not a self-diagnoser who just wants attention. I’m a human trying to live with a seriously f*cked-up brain.

It’s always so fun when I mention one of my issues, they go “omg me too!!!!” and then treat me like a freak when I do something totally not Quirky RelatableTM.”

22. Can’t I just have it?

“I hate subscription services.

I just want to f*cking own things again.

Also, there are so many things that just don’t need to be subscription services, but people are still trying.”

23. Totally hilarious.

“There was a Tiktok trend where you have your man go get a period product that doesn’t exist.

If someone is getting something for me from the store its rude and embarrassing to prank them like that and have them be so confused.”

24. Agreed!

“”Good vibes only” and “no haters” are both just sayings that people use to justify not listening to anyone who doesn’t praise them 100% for everything they do regardless of how stupid and or terrible their actions are.”

25. Drives me insane.

“People who talk on the phone on speaker.

Just put it to your d*mn ear like humanity has been doing since the dawn of time.”

26. Can’t censor everything.

“Censoring any older TV content that doesn’t meet 2021’s standards. Just slap a warning at the beginning and stop acting like it never happened.

I watched The Craft on TV the other night and every horrible thing Christine Taylor’s character said to Rochelle was cut. She goes from being a racist bully to just being a b*tch and it knocked the wind right out of the sails of that whole part of the story.

I’ve never seen a TV edit of The Craft have that much editing, especially on Channel 5.”

27. Bizarre.

“I have noticed that girls (mostly reality stars and d lost stars) are going overboard with the plastic surgery.

First was of course the big lips and now I’m noticing everyone’s nose is getting smaller and smaller to the point it’s almost nonexistent.

Perfect example in khloe kardashian. Huge lips tiny nose.

They look beyond bizarre!”

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