What True Facts Are Really Scary? People Shared Their Thoughts.

The world is a scary place, no doubt about it.

And, while I don’t like to dwell for too long on the scary stuff, I also enjoy articles like these because they give me a little taste of all the potentially dangerous stuff out there.

What true facts are really scary?

Here’s what people had to say on AskReddit.

1. Down a rabbit hole.

“It’s a fact that most cities  have websites where you can look up who has committed crimes around you.

Don’t do it though, you will find out there are endless predators living right next to you.”

2. Scary.

“In simple terms, a cancer cell is a cell that is damaged or not “working” properly. Which leads to rapid division and abnormal mass growth.

Our body has mechanisms to k**l cells that aren’t doing their job properly and every day, non-stop, our body “looks” for them and k**ls them. The problem of cancer are not the damaged cells, is that our body “missed” one pesky litte sh**ty damaged cell and now it is divided and replicated, and turning into a growing mass.

Since the moment we are born, we have these faulty cells. And since the moment we are born our body works to correct it by k**ling them. Every single day until you die. And for some people, until a day that it misses one and all hell breaks loose.”

3. Be careful.

“Funnel web spiders can trap a little bubble of air next to their body and survive falling into a pool.

So if you find one you’re cleaning your pool filter, don’t assume it’s d**d.”

4. Ponder this…

“The brain-eating amoeba’s mere existance.

I think the fact that you can just go swimming one day and die some days or weeks after that just because a small unicelular being entered your nose and started eating your nervous system is frankly terrifying.”

5. At any moment.

“At any given moment, we could develop an aneurysm, have a stroke, or Alzheimer’s.

Years of education, knowledge, experiences and memories erased. No longer able to walk, or talk, or know who anyone is.

A simple fall down the stairs, a slip on the ice, a car accident…hard enough hit to the head and it’s gone.”

6. Oh, God, no!

“Roaches can’t walk backwards.

So if one crawled in your ear, it’d be stuck there until it d**d…which would be a while.”

7. That’s scary.

“We don’t know exactly how many nuclear weapons the Soviet Union lost track of during its existence but we do know that it’s not zero.”


“The fact that as soon as the symptoms of Rabies emerge there is nothing that can be done.

It’s over, you’re already d**d.

Literally anything to do with Rabies is terrifying.”

9. Fungus among us.

“Global warming is assisting certain fungus to become more adapted to warmer temperatures, and there are now many documented cases worldwide of d**dly, often untreatable fungal infections in humans.

In the past, our body temperature was high enough to prevent the fungus from surviving. The next pandemic won’t be viral, but likely fungal.”

10. Yeah, that’s creepy.

“Enough of your personal information is accessible to apps and websites for them to predict your political views, tastes, and personal opinions enough to recommend content that they know you’ll be swayed by.

There’s also some sites that sell your data, and some that can predict your future based on your background and interests.”

11. Drive safely.

“The only thing keeping all those cars from slamming into you at 75 mph is a few lines of white paint on the ground.”

12. A lot we don’t know.

“The universe is 14 billion years old.

Humans have been around for a small fraction of that time. During this time there could have been thousands of alien civilizations that rised and fell, and some may have prospered.

And yet, for all we know about the universe, we often consider ourselves the center of everything even though our planet is just a grain of sand that is the desert of existence.”

13. It’s all a gamble.

“Life is a genetic lottery.

Many of our choices and outcomes (educational, professional, romantic, s**ual, economic, personality, etc) are largely predetermined and lie outside our own control.”

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