What Useless Skill Do You Have? Here’s What People Said.

Useless skills are what make the world go ’round…

Well, not really, but let’s keep telling ourselves that so we don’t feel guilty about wasting time, okay?

What useless skill do you have?

AskReddit users spoke the truth!

1. Right again.

“I can correctly predict what time it is without ever looking at a clock.

I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and be like oh its only 3am and then I look at a clock and I’m right.”

2. Good to know.

“I can make electronics work if they’re malfunctioning.

My kids say it’s my superpower. I scare electronics into working again.”

3. Gross out!

“I can squirt milk,watered down juice,or water through the duct in my eye if I inhale the drink through my nose.”

4. Eyeball it.

“I can make a perfect pot of coffee in my Mr. Coffee every morning, just by eyeballing the amount of grounds I put in.”

5. A superpower.

“I can open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

I smash the top against a hard object, and it breaks off cleanly.

No wine is spilled and there is no glass in the wine.

I’ve always been able to do this. It’s one of my minor superpowers.”

6. Wow!

“I can juggle quit proficiently including different objects at once of varying sizes and weights and can solve a Rubiks cube in just under 30 seconds.

I used to be able to juggle 4 balls but stopped practicing so I can’t do that anymore. I’m still pretty darn good at 3 balls though. My favorite trick to pull out at parties is juggle a beer can, a lighter and my cell phone.

That doesn’t always work out that well but I’m good enough at it to where I don’t drop the stuff 8/10 times. Juggling is the skill that I always forget I have.”


“I can tear phone books…though as time goes on, that’s been getting less and less impressive as they’ve gotten thinner and thinner…”

8. Nice work!

“I’m a big geography/history nerd and have memorized all the countries, flags, capitals, etc in the world.

Might seem like a useful skill, but really, when do you use this skill? As a party trick, or at trivia night at grandma’s house? It really isn’t very useful. Plus, as an American, due to our education system, most people around me don’t know a whole lot about world geography, and I feel quite alienated whenever I try to talk about anything involving my interests.

People tend to think I’m trying to show off or talk down to them. So I’ve learned to not talk about it at all.”

9. Freak ’em out!

“I’m good with tones and voices, so when a celebrity does a voiceover or radio commercial.

I recognize the voice correctly and quickly. I have freaked out some family and friends.”

10. Evil deeds.

“I can tell when someone is about to stop hiccuping, with close to 100% accuracy.

Obviously, I use this skill for evil.”

11. I think this is cool!

“I am so f**king good at foosball it’s a little sad.

Started when I was 12 peaked at around 24. In my mid 30s now but I can beat anyone that thinks they can play. Typically play two people with just my left and give up maybe 1 or 2 points before winning.

My pull shot is about as good as it gets even at the pro level. I am also dumb good at throwing things. Beer can on your head from 40 yards good.”

12. Better be careful with that one.

“I’m really good at finding belly buttons under shirts.

I can walk up to anybody and boop!

Finger in the belly button on the first try.”

What are your useless skills?

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Thanks, amigos!