What Was Normal in the 1990s but Isn’t Now? People Responded.

Do you miss the 1990s, or what?!?!

I know I do!

Good music, good movies…questionable fashion…

And today we’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit about what was normal during that glorious decade that definitely isn’t now.

Go ahead and get started!

1. Those were the days.

“Hotlines for the weather report, current time, and movie show times.

Hello and welcome to MovieFone!”

2. Excuse me, sir…

“Calling a girl’s house and having to ask her dad if you can speak to her.

I swear every girl’s dad sounded like James Earl Jones…”

3. Easy does it.

“When picking someone up from the airport, you could wait for them at their gate.

And meeting a friend for lunch at the airport when they happened to have a layover in your city!”

4. No Internet!

“Hey what was the guy from that one thing?”

“I don’t know”

“Me neither”

“Oh well!”

5. Too bad.

“Keeping a binder full of CDs in your car.

My car CDs were stolen in 1998. I’m still p**sed.”

6. Pre-downloading.

“Putting tape over the security tab/square so you could record over any tape you had in your collection.”

7. Be there.

“Meeting people at the time and place you said you’d meet them when you mad plans days or even weeks ago.

You used to say “hey, let’s hang out on Tuesday at 7pm at downtown bar” and then without ever having to text or call again you’d both meet there.”

8. It was HUGE.

“The Yellow Pages.

I got a phone book in my mailbox the other day. First one in years.

It was about the size of a Goosebumps book.”

9. Pen pals.

“I used to write 10 page letters to a girl I knew in Norway and she did the same for me back in the states.

I’d get like one a month and it was so exciting to read them.

People had to put so much thought into those letters before the internet.”

10. They better be good.

“Taking your disposable camera to get developed, and having no idea if any of your pictures were even usable until you got the pictures back.”

11. Waiting…

“Just waiting for things, alone with only your thoughts. Gameboy ran out of battery? Didn’t bring a book? Time to people watch.

Not a critique on how people are now, more like a critique on just myself. But man my attention span has plummeted since phones/social media.

I honestly can barely watch a movie anymore.”

12. Nice trick!

“Calling from a pay phone for a ride but calling collect and saying your name as “I’m here come get me” to save the quarter.”

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