What Was Super Popular and Then Suddenly Went Away? Here’s What People Said.

Trends seem to come and go in a flash these days and if you blink you might miss something…because popular things just disappear in a heartbeat!

What was really popular and then suddenly went away?

Here’s what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Where’d they go?

“3D TVs.

I am not sure if I would call them hugely popular but at CES one year they were super popular and by the following year there was barely one in sight.”

2. They were big.

“I know a guy who saw the fidget spinner thing coming.

He mass produced a bunch of them, sold through the entire stock, then sold his company immediately after and bowed out right before the whole thing cratered.

I sort of feel sorry for whoever he left holding the bag. But man, those things just didn’t stick around long.”

3. Strange days…

“Different flavored ketchup.

The purple ketchup tasted different. It smelled different. They claimed it was all the same stuff to make it, just food coloring, but if that’s true, that food coloring did something extreme to it that they just denied that it did.

I’m not saying it was bad. I’m certainly not saying it was good. But that purple stuff did not taste like ketchup.”

4. Enough!

“That moustache thing?

Like early 2010s every girl had moustaches on everything.

Moustache bags, pencil cases, clothes, etc.”

5. Remember?

“The Harlem Shake.

I went to a wedding reception in 2019 where the whole wedding party danced to a montage of different songs…and then right at the end Harlem Shake.

Seeing people in tuxes and fancy dresses do that was pretty amusing. As was explaining to the older people at the reception that what they just witnessed was a craze from like five years previously.


“Bacon fetish. For like a decade in the early 2000s people wouldn’t shut up about how bacon was the best thing ever.

T shirts, bumper stickers, memes, aprons, etc. That s**t was everywhere. And these days bacon is just a normal food again.”

7. Bring them back!

“Teen hi-jinx comedies.

American Pie. Road Trip. Super Bad.

Those all seemed to go away about 15 years ago.”


“Probably Game of Thrones.

I don’t even see many memes about the ending being bad anymore.

No one talks about it.”

9. Pump it up.

“Sneakers that you pump up.

I had models with both internal and external pumping mechanisms.”

10. Did you have a Corona one?


It felt like every girl was wearing them in the 2000s and then I’ve never seen one since.”

11. Yuck!

“Sour skittles apparently.

I’ve looked all over town and can’t find them at all.

I normally crave sour things when I’m doing a lot of schoolwork and I can’t find them here or at the shops like an hour away.”

12. On the tube.

“Mad About You.

Does anyone remember this show? It ran for 8 seasons, about the same time as Seinfeld and Friends. It was hugely popular.

It had about 10 million viewers. It had great lead actors : Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser. It was critically acclaimed: it won 12 Emmy awards.

People just got sick of romcoms. It fell off the face off earth. You can stream it. But no tv channel shows reruns. King of queen’s, which is a vastly inferior sitcom has reruns. Not Mad About You…”

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