What Weird Things Do People Get Offended By? Here’s What Folks Had to Say.

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As that classic song by The Doors says…people are strange.


And they seem to get offended by very weird things for some reason, don’t they?

You know that’s true!

What weird things do people seem to get offended by?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Good point.

“Standing up for yourself within reason.

People will forever get offended for no longer being able to take advantage of you, and they act like that’s the weird part.”

2. Just doing my job…

“Someone just doing their job.

“No, you can’t use that coupon that’s been expired since 1971”

“I can’t believe how rude that cashier was”.”

3. I need that money.

“Asking to be paid back.

I lend you money then suddenly I’m the *sshole when I ask for it back?

4. How dare you?!?!

“Passing them in traffic.

Or even worse, having the gall to merge in front of them after signaling and doing so slowly and safely.”

5. You asked for it.

“Asking people what they think then getting upset when people tell them what they think.

My dad used to always, always do this. I even started telling him that I didn’t want to get into it because he always got upset, and he’d swear he wouldn’t this time and insist.

Then it would always end up with him becoming upset. Every time.”

6. It’s a boy! Idiot!

“When you get someone’s dog’s gender wrong.

Everyone keeps calling my black lab mix a boy “good boy, hey buddy!” I don’t care, but when I got a little fluffy white dog named Tinkles wrong at the park a lady bit my head off.

Tinkles is a boy, alright chill.”

7. They take it very seriously.

“There’s an Australian guy on YouTube that makes cheese.

In his video on Parmesan, the comments are full of angry Italians because it’s not the specific kind of bacteria that makes Parmesan in the traditional way.”

8. Sounds like a blast.

“Hearing about their kids behaving badly.

My niece is fu*cking hellish.

When things don’t go her way, or we ask her a simple question, she flips out and throws a tantrum, and when I told my brother (her father) he also flipped out saying “she’s just strong willed!”

He did this as he bounced on his toes from frustration and claiming I ‘can’t offend him’.”

9. Southern charm.

“I’m in the US south and I ma’am and sir pretty much every stranger I come across in the wild. It’s just what I’ve grown up with and is meant as being respectful.

We get a lot of tourists and occasionally I’ll ma’am a woman and she’ll flip thinking I’m calling her old and if I sir some guy they’ll think it’s like a sarcastic challenge.

On the flip side, any locals who you don’t ma’am and sir will get offended, so I’m in a pickle every tourist season. Living in constant fear of ma’ams and sirs.”

10. Speak American!

“Hearing something in a different language.

Seeing people flip out on someone else having a private conversation in another language always confused me. Why are you eavesdropping in the first place?”

11. What’s wrong with you?!?!

“When you don’t like a certain food, movie, TV show or basically have a different opinion.

I really hate bacon by itself. I don’t like the fattiness of it and the flavour is too overwhelming for me.

Every time I tell people they freak out and say “YOU DON’T LIKE BACON??? WHO DOESN’T LIKE BACON!?!?!” Me! F*ck off about it!”

12. How rude!

“People who get pissy if you say, “no problem” when they thank you.

Some dude, who I imagine must have a very fulfilling life, wrote a whole article about how rude it is to say “no problem” instead of “you’re welcome.””

13. Get over it.

“My manager at a chain restaurant years ago used to chew me out all the time for saying “guys”.

I would so sometimes greet the customers with “how are you guys doing?” and my manager was convinced I was going to greatly offend some lady by labeling her as one of the “guys”.”

14. Follow the rules.

“Way too often people take it personally when the rules apply to them.


Some time back my mom was working in a clothing store. A woman comes in and asks to return/exchange some stuff. Cool, no problem.

My mom asks to see her receipt, she shows it aaannddd- she bought the clothing 3 years ago. The return policy was 30 days. My mom was like “Oh, I’m sorry. You bought this too long ago, our policy states *yadayada*”

She. FLIPPED. Started yelling, calling her racist (the woman was black, my mom is white), until she asked to speak to the manager.

People, please. Almost 100% of the time you are not exempt from any rules, and that is not the fault of the person enforcing the rules. Be reasonable, and please do not blow up on retail workers.”

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