What Weird Things Do You Find Attractive? Here’s What People Had to Say.

I have a confession to make: I absolutely LOVE women with crooked teeth. Or if they have a small gap between their two front teeth.

I don’t know why, but I’ve just always found that to be very attractive.

And here we are all these years later and I still love it!

But we all have our little things that are considered a little unusual that get us worked up.

What weird things do you think are attractive?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. A big turn-on.

“The ability to sit through a meal in silence without feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious.

That’s a god-tier level of confidence.”

2. Let your guard down.

“When people share their TMI moments.

There’s something weirdly s**y when someone drops their guard for a moment and gives you a peek behind the curtain of their life.”

3. I like it, too.

“Women wearing winter clothing. Earmuffs, winter coats, gloves etc.

Am I weird?

Yeah, I’m probably weird.”

4. Vulnerable.

“When guys are reversing the car and they put one hand on the back of the passenger seat to look back better….

It…. It makes me vulnerable.”

5. It’s go time.

“My boyfriend will get out of the shower and drape the towel he just used over his head.

So he’s standing there completely naked looking like the Virgin Mary with the towel flowing down.

We have s** a lot after he showers.”

6. Yes!

“My girlfriend doesn’t have perfect teeth. She’s super insecure about how two of her teeth are a little crooked, but every time she smiles it’s the most adorable thing ever.

Something about those slight imperfections just make her that much more perfect. She’s planning on getting braces when she saves up some more, which is kind of a bummer.

More power to her though.”

7. Interesting.

“When a person stifles their laughter.

Something about the way their face scrunches up whenever it happens makes my heart flutter for some reason.

Also, scars.”

8. Are you a furry?

“My husband got himself this bear onesie. The first time he put it on I was like…what is this feeling? Why am I aroused right now?

After a few occasions of him wearing it I was like, well I guess I’m a borderline furry (although I think it’s the snuggly softness that does it for me rather than anything animalistic).

He still thinks it’s very weird, but he will put it on for me when I ask. Too bad for him our anniversary is in the height of summer.”

9. Hot!

“I don’t know why, but exhausted men look super hot to me.

Probably because being exhausted is when people are the most real.”

10. Uh oh.

“My boyfriend recently shaved his beard off and just left a moustache.

Holy heck I was not expecting to dig the s**y Ned Flanders vibe he’s got going on.”

11. Nice and cozy.

“The more comfy a girl is, the better.

Something about sweats, blankets, overly large sweaters, or girls cuddled up real tight is really cute and turns me on so much.”

12. Gonna jump your bones.

“Doing handyman stuff.

It doesn’t have to be all strip-club s**ual, like a muscular fireman chopping wood shirtless.

If you’re soaked with sweat because you worked all day fixing and troubleshooting things, wrinkles on your forehead because you think too much, and you still have the patience to help a neighbor or entertain a kid, I’m jumping your f**king bones.”

13. The studious look.

“Glasses on men.

Specifically, a pair of black, bold-rimmed Clark Kent style glasses will do it for me every time.

No idea why…”

What are some weird things that you find attractive?

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